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My boys are having their birthday party this Saturday at Hungry Jacks. I sent out the invites last week with RSVP date today. I guess there is still time to RSVP, but so far only 5 have so still waiting on 10 replies... They were allowed to invite 8 friends each (I know that adds up to 16 but they both invited 1 boy they are both friends with, 1 less to pay for wink ).

I need to confirm numbers and make party bags and make cakes... I'm a planner! And my plans are on hold. I would've RSVP by now either way, surely everyone knows what they are doing on Saturday by now?

Just a little frustrated vent smile I really want thier party to work, last year was a bit of a flop sad

Its frustrating isnt it. I think people fail to realise how important it is to RSVP. I still had people rsvp'ing to my wedding 2 days before.

I know its annoying but could you maybe give their parents a call if you have their numbers? Or have a chat with them when you drop the boys at school?
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