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Convertable Booster Seats Lock Rss

I have a 22mth old DD and was wondering if you guys could shed some light on these convertable booster seats...

I am tossing up between the Safe N Sound Maxi Rider AHR (6mths-6/8yrs), and the Babylove Ezy Combo (6mths-7yrs).

Here is what I have heard about them;

1. Babylove is cheaper
2. Babylove has a higher safety rating
3. Safe N Sound has more 'bells & whistles' eg. speakers.
4. Safe N Sound doesn't recline as much, therefore the child's head slumps forward when they are sleeping.

Other than that I think they are fairly similar?

Please help me make a decision!! Your thoughts are much appreciated!

Jess smile
I have the babylove, I recommend it to everyone, I think its one of the best on the market.
It is comfy, well padded, can tilt/recline. We are currently using it in seatbelt mode, which was easy (I think) to change over to and it has a special little clip to hold the seatbelt in the right spot near their neck.
Only issue I have is that its pretty wide, so buckling her up with the normal seatbelt is really tricky. I either have to climb in with her and buckle it or do it from the other side of the car (might be tricky if u have more then one seat). It could just be our back seat,or its possibly cos I am incredibly height challenged wink
Hope that helps smile
Thanks ladies!

I ended up going with the Babylove seat, and am very impressed with my purchase! I think it is great value for money, and is the ultimate in safety!

It is very comfy, and fits in my car well.

Thanks for helping me make my decision!
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