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New Phil and Ted Navigator 2 Lock Rss

I am very keen to get this new and improved Phil and Ted but as its kinda new there doesnt seem to be many reviews about it. I love the idea of the new brake esp and that if we have a second child it can accommodate this. My other idea is a mountain buggy. As we do alot of off road. So has anyone got and can tell me what they think??
We tried it when it first came out because it had been recommended to us by a friend. TBH we really didn't like it. It felt heavy and clunky when we took it around the shop. We ended up going with a Baby Jogger. The handle adjusted for my tall partner, it was light and really easy to push around the shop. Plus it's simple to fold away.
Thanks for that - yes I like the Baby jogger/city select range. Its lovely and light!! but we need something that will do alot of off road as we have husky.
Im now leaning towards the Mountain buggy.
It's so hard to decide. I wish I could try before I buy. I thought I wanted the Phil and Ted Nav 2, but now I am hearing it is cheaply made. So thinking the baby jogger elite instead. But it's a lot of money for a single stroller. I didn't mind paying the extra for phil and ted as it would cater for a possible second child.
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