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SWIMTRAINER classic by Fred's Swim Academy-Available in Australia? Lock Rss

Hi. I'm looking for a floatie that helps babies learn to swim called SWIMTRAINER. I recently borrowed one when we were in the UK and it was fantastic. My 5 month old could actually swim in the swimtrainer after only a few tries. It was amazing.

They have a website ( but don't seem to ship to Australia. However their website says the swimtrainer meets Australian safety standards so surely someone must be selling it here?

Has anyone seen this around? The baby/toddler lies in it in a dog paddling position and it is used to help them learn to swim. I've tried eBay and large stores with no luck.

Thanks in advance!
Hi! I have a swimtrainer! I bought it at the baby expo. The first time I tried it I wasn't convinced but then I realised it needed waaaaay more air than I had put in. Once it was fully inflated it was AWESOME! My bubs just loves it. Her face is safely away from the water and it's true that bubs just naturally started kicking in it. The instruction booklet that came with it lists the website for Australia as Maybe try that again? Good luck!
Swimtrainer is now available in Australia ( Pick up is available for Perth WA. Otherwise, postage is $8.50 flat Australia wide.

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Hi mums and dads! We are thrilled to be selling the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" by Freds Swim Academy on our new website at The SWIMTRAINER is the best swimming aid you could hope to find. It has been on the market for nearly 20 years and is currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Our site brings you all the best quality products (including the SWIMTRAINER and Tinti bath product ranges) so you and your bubba can enjoy exploring water in the bath and the pool together. Be sure to check out our gorgeous swim nappies and swim hats! xox

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