I was recently gifted a Spacesaver Jumperoo by Fisher Price so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you in case anyone was considering buying one.

As the name suggests, this Jumperoo is more compact than the original Fisher Price jumperoo. This is a bonus for everyone really, especially if you have limited room.
Being a little smaller, it's also cheaper. A few stores (eg Target) had them on sale recently for $99 (normally approx $159).
This jumperoo also folds up easily for storage and transport. We travelled interstate not long ago and took the jumperoo with us in the car to keep our baby entertained at the hotel. It folds down easily and sets up again easily.
The jumperoo has a number of height settings to accommodate your baby as they grow.
There are lots of interactive toys, lights and music to keep your baby entertained.

Being compact also has its downside - I probably wouldn't recommend this jumperoo for taller babies as you won't get as much use out of it. Stick with the original one if you have a bigger or taller baby.
There is no neck support but the jumperoo should only be used once a baby has good head control.
The seat doesn't rotate so the interactive toys/lights/sound are not 360 but to be honest, I didn't find this an issue as my baby was just as happy in it.

Overall its definitely good value for money (especially on sale) and I would highly recommend it!

(Is there any way to attach photo?)