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How to remove Deodorant Stains on Clothes Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone recommend how to get Deodorant stains out of clothes. I bought a new top recently and have white stains on it - I am really upset because I was even using one of the so called 'no white marks' deodorants. Can you suggest a product that actually works! I have tried the White King stain removal spray and that seems to be the best so far. It doesn't remove the stain completely, but helps a little. I have also tried soaking the clothes in white vinegar which I read on the internet. That didn't do anything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance.
If I were you I would ring the maker of the 'no white marks' deodorant and ask them how they suggest you remove it. Also tell them you are not impressed with the product not living up to the promised purpose.

Good luck.

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