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Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrappers. How long does a Refill last you??? Lock Rss

I have recently purchased a Tomee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Wrapper (second hand for $5.50!! Bargain!!) and have found that the refills havent even lasted me one whole month!!! I remember reading somewhere that they last around 3 months. At around $20 each, I wish that they did last that long! Just wondering if other people who use them get longer out of them?

Definetly don't last 3 months! Maybe a month at the most. You've got to not push the nappies too far in, don't leave too much bag between them or it goes really quickly. Not really that economical... handy though!
A friend of mine puts them in normal nappy bags and chucks them in there with an air freshner. Saves you running out to the bin all the time and seems to trap the smell in!


wait till the poos start really stinking those refils are pitiful!!! We just used the nappy bags in it till we sold it on ebay to some sucker tongue


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy


We don't twiste it until Ds does a poo and empty out to main bin about every 2-3 days or if its a real smelly one. We found that you go through the refills a lot quicker if you twiste after each nappy. By not twisting it after every nappy we found it last between 2-3 months depends on how many pooes the little guy does.
Hope this helps


DS 13months

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