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Can anyone recommend a good nappy wrapper/disposal system?

So far I've seen products from Tommie Tippee and Sangenic (Safety 1st), which I have heard is hard to use and wasteful. Because I have a bad back, I'm interested in a "hands free" system or at least one that has a pedal.

Thank you.


They are good if money is no object and you dont mind paying $20 for the replacement bag cartridge.
i have a bad back too, I just use the nappy bags and put the soiled nappies in it and in the big bin outside and the wet nappies in the peddle bin in the kitchen. Works for me.

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I have one of those Tommee Tippee ones and its hopeless. It was good to start with but now all it does is smells. I have put a previous post somewhere on here. I had new claws sent to me, worked for a couple of days and then the same thing happens, the room stinks! I have just sent another email to Tommee Tippee asking for a refund/replacement product. Its hopeless and I wouldn't recommend it. I would be curious to see what everyone else dose aswell. Its a pain having to go out to the outside bin after every dirty one.

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Just checked my previous post is under General discussion in this section, about page 3.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

waste of money cant you just put it into a plastic bag and throw into the wheelie bin?iam sorry but i dont really understand what a bad back has to do with throwing nappies into the bin etc. dont mean to sound mean but i realy dont understand why?

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I bought one of those nappy wrappers too unfortunately it got so expensive buying the cartridges that I now line the bin with a normal glad bag and put my nappies ( in cheap nappy bags 100 for $2.00) in it. When it's full I take off the top and tie the whole lot up and chuck it.
Not the best solution but when I think that I've paid $60+ essentially for a kitchen tidy I try to get some sort of use out of it!

At least in VIC they have a nappy recycling service which I would gladly use if only it were available in Sydney.

My whinge lol!

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I have to say I loved my Sangenic Nappy Wrapper for one baby, but it did get too expensive now we have 2 in nappies. I have now replaced it with a nappy bucket with a plastic bag in it which gets tipped out at the end of the day.
Will probably see if I can sell it second hand once I've disinfected it, so at least I'll get something back on it, not to mention a little more storage space in the house.

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i too use a pedal bin and wrap the smelly ones in the perfumed nappy bags... and the bad back thing you would want something that you didnt have to bend for.. and as to selling your buket you may find it can change to a toy storage bin once disinfected instead, or use to soak other things, like bibs, or kindy clothes, or put in the boot of the car with emergency toys for the beach. sorry off the subject there...
I agree with you guys, we have a sangenic nappy wrapper bin which was bought for me by my workmates.
It worked really well, until she hit the toddler time and the nappies got bigger. Now it stinks. We use it still, but is outside on the verandah and gets empties often.
The idea of the bucket with lid that gets emptied daily sounds like a much cheaper option, but as for putting them in the kitchen bin, Im not too keen on the idea.
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