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Has anyone else been to see "Finding Nemo"? I find it amazing that the kids seem so unaffected by the sharks and other scary bits, which are all so loud. I thought it was a great movie, and I'm sure it will be among the christmas gifts this year. It will be one of those movies they can watch over and over. I highly recommend it for older toddlers.

Have fun!!!

tired and feeling old

hello yeah I took my nearly 3yold to see it and she totally loved it,yes I recomend it to anyone who is keen to see it.........ENJOY!!!!!!!

Tamieka NZ 3yold&3mth

my dad bought it 4 his grandsons sons i think it great too my 2 yr old goes RAA when the shark is on but also isnt bother iwas more botherd that all he eggs got eaten and what happened to nemos mother my4 yr old nphew said she got eaten but my other sisters boyffrindsais we didnt actully see it

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I rented finding nemo a few weeks ago and my husband and really really enjoyed it. im going to buy it very soon for my 4 month old daughter, ill enjoy it until shes old enough to watch it.

Jessicas mum

she will probably like to see the bright colours alrady its a good movie though i an a bit tired of it my 4 yr old wants to wtch it all the time

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i have a 5 mth old baby girl and we have finding nemo and she absolutly loves it. me and my boyfriend practically know it word for word. she hasnt watched it from start to finish yet but she has sat there for about an hour just watching it. this is not like her at all as she is always moving- a very active baby!!!!!

Leah and Zoe (2.10.2003)

Yep, she likes the bright colours. We bought it on the weekend, she watched it for about 35 mins which is good for her because she is also an active baby. We also bought Monsters Inc but she hasnt watched that yet.

Jessicas mum


My 2.5yr son finds Monsters Inc quite scary. He loves Toy Story though!

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