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"Sleep Tight, Sleep Right" Lock Rss

This books is by Rosey Cummings, Karne Houghton and Le Ann Williams and as you guessed - its about sleeping!

Seeing as we've probably all at some time or another had sleeping problems with our babies I though I'd post and tell you that I've found this book to be absolutely excellent.

It says that is is "a practical, proven guide to solving your baby's sleep problems" and whilst I refuse to guarantee that using their methods will help with your baby - it is the method that my local health clinic advocates. (and it worked for me!)

The book goes through step by step how to settle your baby as well as how to establish a routine, recognise the tired signs and common questions. It covers the age brackets of 0 - 6months, 6 - 12 months and 1 - 3yrs.

It is simple and designed to be the thing that you need to read after that night of sleep-deprivation!

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

Hi, I must be so lucky that so far all of my children have and are great sleepers once they go to sleep. I'm having a little with the twins now 5yrs wanting to stay up, but I'm sure it must be a faze there going through. My 5 month old boy has been sleeping right through since he was 2 months old and the only time I've had trouble with him was when the poor darling got a nasty bug that was going around and hit the whole family.

You are SO lucky!!!

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

My gosh..!! I wish my son's the same! I've had so much trouble getting him to sleep on his own. He is now 9months old.
He wakes up after I've breastfed him and try to put him in his cot.
It is really tiring especially at night when he wakes up for his feed and refuses to go back to his cot, even when he is very sleepy. He will either sit up or stand up and cried his poor heart out and holds out his hands.
Has anyone out there any good solution to my tired and sleepless mind/body??
Hi there I was just going to ask you were did you get the book from, because I am have trouble to keep my baby asleep after 3:30 am in the morning. I do the control crying during the day and that is working very well.

But at night he is a totally different baby. He fall asleep around 5:30- 6pm at night and he sleeps through until about 5:30am, Sometimes he wakes up around 2-3:30am and ends up going back to sleep an hour later. But He still wakes up at 5:30am every- morning, will not go back to sleep.

(Some body please help)
I do not know what to do, I am getting really tired.

If you have any answer for me PLEASE send them to [email protected]
Argee - I have the same problem with my 9 month old boy. I have a sleeping bag for Logan so when I breastfeed him to sleep and put him into his cot he stays asleep because his bed isn't cold. We also try rocking him to sleep and that sometimes works too, but he protests something shocking. I work full time and most early mornings ( around 2am) he wakes and cries until I put him into my bed to be fed until he goes back to sleep. That way I stay sane with most of my sleep eventhough it is still broken. We are also booked in for sleep school which may help. If you want to chat more email me at [email protected]

Bek,Vic, 9mth Baby

Thanks Bek.
Such a relief to know that I am not alone out there with a sleepless baby who screams his head off at night....just when we are going into deep slumber..OH!!..the thought of 8hours uninterrupted sleep sounds so so far off now..haha!
I have tried patting Adam when he wakes at night now and it sometimes works but sometimes not. I usually give in by putting him to sleep with me by 4am as I would be too tired to get out of bed and stand on his cot to pat and talk softly to him! This way, like you..I get some couple of hours of sleep.
Sleep school sounds interesting. Pray do tell more.
Hi Rona, have been to sleep school with both my little ones!!!! Karitane was fantastic. Keep persevering with the settling in the cot by patting, Adam will soon get the hang of it and settling himself to sleep will become a blissfully new habit for him (and you!!!). It is hard work, but well worth it - there IS light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Angela, NSW

I can't stress enough that I disagree with what people say about how children need to fall asleep independently. World Health Organisation say that it is better for the baby to be breastfed to the age of 2, and it is proven that babies who are fed to sleep right up until they are weaned, if they are weaned after 18 months from the breast, sleep better on their own after this time and get into a routine on their own. I think that routines are good for parents, but doctors have told me that they can be detrimental to the child, impairing their skills and development even later in life. Do this if you wish, but talk to doctors and the breastfeeding association, not child health clinics as they are all for it and will condone what is best for the parent while ignoring the needs of the child.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003


Not sure if you are still in the market for the book "Sleep Right, Sleep Tight" but I noticed it on e-bay today with the hightest bid at only $5.50 - a bargain! There are 4 days of bidding left. The item number is: 6910464680.

Good luck!

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

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