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I have read all the replies to this message and am a bit torn as to what to say. I have used the JJ for all three of my babies and did not think that there was any problem with it. I used to put it up outdoors under our patio and put a clam shell pool with a few centimetres of water in it in really hot weather and my babies loved it. (Under complete supervision). However, my daughter did walk on her toes for a long time after she learnt to walk, but grew out of it. Perhaps the JJ contributed to this?! I think differently about the JJ now for my next baby. If in doubt about something as fundamental as walking and development of healthy legs, why risk it? This has given me something to think about. Incidentally my other babies, both boys, had no leg or walking problems, so who knows?

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i got one when my daughter was 5 months old we stuck her in it. she was such a big girl she looked nearly 7 months she is advanced cuz of her size. she loves it. its the BEST thing i ever bought for her it strengthens her legs, her back, her neck. it keeps her entertained...

LOOOOOVE the thing

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Got one, love it. My son is now crawling and is a bit over it as he likes to be on the floor but I got it when he was three months old and he's been in it nearly every day.

With regards to leg worries, the instructions do say that their toes should only just be touching the floor and this hardly puts any weight on the legs. I always have a thin matress under my son and his legs are just fine.

If you worried about the door frame thing and don't want to put a hook in the ceiling you can by stands from the toy stores desigened for the Jumpers. This is great as they can be anywhere you are.
We were given one from my sister in law and my son loves it. He's 8 mnths now and is getting a little big for it now. His legs are so strong-I believe from the jj and from his walker. The only problem is that he wants to bounce all the time. Even when he's not in it and it's ripping my arms out.

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hi all,
we have just one jj for our twins but don't use it all that much anyway but they love it, we hook it on to the swing set making sure that their feet are firmly flat on the ground & knees a little bent. i don't know how this affects their legs but this is what i was advised to do with the walker to prevent baby walking on his toes (by a health proffesional).

my first son didn't have a jj but spent a good part of the day in his walker following me around the house & not getting into mischeif as everything was at arms length & we didn't have any problems with his walking.

hope this helps someoneeven if not the same product.

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we used one for our 1st boy uotsied under the prgola with a bit of foam under his feet he loved it but i wouldnt trust the door frame he was a big boy i also used awlker which the y all loved kept them happy 4 ages not so frustarted as it esy to get to their tpys etc hve fun

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Thanks Traceyl
All the mothers at my mothers group rave over their Jolly Jumpers but I wasn't sure to get one or not as aside from the bedrooms and bathrooms/laundry we don't actually have any doorways all arches. I wasn't aware that you could attach it to a hook in the roof. You can get a stand for them to use it with but it works out to be an extra $120 for the stand.
I'll go get one today.

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Hi, just writing to see how you went with the Jolly Jumper. I bought one for my daughter for Christmas, she was 4.5 months old then. They are are a great invention, I hook her up to the door in the bathroom in the morning and have a shower while she plays in there, and I know she can't get out and go anywhere. She's nearly 11 months old, and I am sure i'm going to get another couple of months out of it. I don't recall anything about them being said, only walkers, which i believe is due to lack of supervision not the fault of the walker.

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Hi Jade,
After reading all the positive things here, as well as the fact that I could put it in the roof, I went and got a JJ. My son adores it, he's a bit tentative when its in a doorway but hang it from the roof and he goes nuts. He jumps quite high sometimes, its given him more balance too. I'm mindful about putting him in it too ,uch but its quite handy when I'm cooking tea if hubby's not yet home or if we're eating tea and he's still up.
The only problem is that we had to ring the distributors about getting some more chain as when it was in the roof he was still about a foot off the ground. But we didn't have to pay for any additional chain, I was prepared to.
I'm so glad I got one before it was too late.

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Didn't know that about the JJ. Does the same apply to term babies?
Please DON'T buy a baby walker!! I'm told they're now banned in Canada due to the number of serious accidents with them. Our local community nurses say they've been trying to get them banned in Australia >20 years!


Hello Capner
Im sorry to say that yes it does apply to full term babies. I must admit that when I was pregnant the JJ was something I was going to buy. Please speak to your community nurses or doctors about them if you are considering one.
I do understand the temptation but the benefits are definately outweighed by the risks.
I hope everyone has a very happy and safe Christmas

Fiona, NSW

Hi all,
I bought a jj for Ashlyn when she was about 4 months old we only used it occasionally then we stopped when she was 8mths as she liked being in the bouncy baby play place better. Then she was walking at 9 & 1/2 mnths. So we had to stop using them.
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