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Anyone recommend the Rotating 'Turn a Tot' car seat? Lock Rss

I'm about to buy a car seat and they have really changed since I bought the last one. I am intrigued by the ads I have seen for this car seat. Sure looks like a good idea.


Kerryn, Launceston


We have a turn a tot - the only thing I will say about it is it only goes up to 9kg rear facing - once baby reaches 9kg - you have to turn the seat to face forward whether they have good head control or not. (apparently they should have a good level of head control before front facing).

Our baby is only 4 months old and is just over 9kg.

I don't feel is a big problem now as Jacob has a good degree of head control. I do wish I had know about this weight difference in other car seats first but who knew we'd have a big baby that chocked up his weight so soon.

It is a very good car seat and makes for ease of entry and exit of the car.

No problems at all with this seat - in fact - I don't think I'd use any others if another baby comes along - I'd stick with the turnatot.

Good luck in choosing.
Hi Tricia,

My second was a big baby too, I'll have to get out his clinic book and check his weight!

More questions - do you always turn it to get him in and out and does the seat turn when it's forward facing too? Also do you need to adjust the anchor straps to turn it?

Thanks for the help, as there is only one store here that stocks this seat, I can't shop around. I'm also a bit unsure whether they would be aware of how it really compares to the regular seats. This way I'll be able to test their knowledge.

Kerryn, Launceston


I usually have the seat facing the door so I can just put Jacob in without pressing the lever and turning it (hubbie likes to lock in place facing front or back when baby not in it).

Yes the seat does turn when front facing - it turns 360 degrees so you aren't limited except you can't turn in all the way around once its on the back seat.

Once you lock the base of the seat with the seat belt and anchor the seat with the anchor straps to the car (we have a Nissan x-trail and hence the anchor points are in the back section and we had to buy and extension strap to anchor it properly - apparently extension straps are needed for 4 wheel drives) if you just drive a normal sedan car - your anchor points are under the back window on the shelf etc) - I hope I've been clear with my description - don't want to lead you up the garden path.

Hope this helps - as I said I've had no problems with it at all.

Oh and it has met all the safety points too - otherwise it wouldn't have been allowed on the market.
Thanks again, I think I can brave the baby store now.

I'm also going to Melb. in a few weeks, so I'll hold off on any purchase until I can compare some prices too.

Kerryn, Launceston

My pleasure.
I have this car seat for my son and I loved it when he was newborn.
The car seat is very big and bulky. I wouldn't really recommend for a sedan especially if you have other kids but it's prefect for a 4x4/SUV. We have a sedan and SUV. I found it to take up so much room in our sedan so I have it in the SUV.
Before I bought mine I read some reviews that when forward facing the seat is too reclined and older kids can't sit up enough. My son is 2 now and when he falls asleep in it he looks so comfy. Never had a problem with his head flopping down.
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