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Best Mopping Detergent For Tiles Lock Rss

Hi guys,

What's everyones best mopping detergent for tiles?

Thanks xx

Isabella PERTH

My FIL is a tiler and put tiles all through our house and told me the best thing to mop them with was metho in a bucket of hot water.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

What ratio?

Isabella PERTH

I use metho too, it's great cause it dries really quick, I don't have a ratio just a splash to a couple of litres of water, sometimes i had a splash of dettol to or a disinfectant so it smells nice, Happy floor washing!!

2 Beautiful Boys Aug06 & April09 &1 Angel April08

I squeeze domestos into the hot water and it keeps my tiles clean and non sticky. I haven't thought of using metho but I am going to give it a try now. I find anything with bleach or alcohol to remove the grease keeps them non sticky and cleaner for longer.
i have one of those electric vaccuum an mops all in one, and was recomended to use PineOCleen Floors with it, but when i use my mop and bucket i usually use the same product, sometimes the metho or even vinegar.
my MIL just sprays the floor with a mulitpurpose spray like spray and wipe and them uses a sabco swish over the floor, the swish is like one of those enjo things
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