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People with vaporisers, which do you have a vick's, TAAV or other brand? Do you think they help stop your child coughing (or dh snoring)? Thanks
I have a vicks, it is great. We were on holidays last month and my nephew got croup, luckily I had my vapouriser and it worked brilliantly in easing his cough, I personally don't use anything in it just the water

Ummm as for helping DH snoring NO WAY!!! Nothing helps I think lol

Well I actually use both, the vick's brand is like a kettle with the constant sound of boiling and the TAAV is quieter, I have found that when my little man has a cold that the Vick's keeps him settled as it does produce a better steam, it is the only way I get sleep. So basically I am happier with the vick's, so now the Taav is at my parents for times of emergency - me visiting and he gets sick.
LOVE IT, I have the Vicks can't speak highly enough of it (except the fact that it doesn't do anything for DH's snoring). I have reccommended them to my mother's group and after several people borrowed mine they all went and bought their own! I use the Vick's syrup stuff in the top too. It really eases my DD coughs and runny nose.

2 girls... Ebony & Anna +1

Hello Snazzy, i've got 2 vicks ones. They're warm steam, and work a treat for the kids. Put the eu clear inhalant in the water tank as well as the little cup thingy on the blue bit, makes thinks work really well. Also a pinch of salt in the water tank steams things up really well.

OH & it doesn't stop DH from snoring... arsenic works I'm told!!

We too have a Vicks vapouriser (presently in use for DD). We love it also (and the room smells so nice). I particularly like the auto cut off when the water level is low. I also use it for myself when I have a cold.

We have the TAAV Brand and I love it, it works so well on the kids even used it for myself when I was so conjested when I had a bad flu recently. I use to always borrow one but finally 2yrs ago I finally got our own and we use it so much especially during the winter months as my kids often get the nasty Croup cough and I find it works wonders for their cough. Even though a friend recently told me the hospital had told her not to use steam vaporisers for Croup Coughs but I know many years ago my mother had to use steam for my brother for his nasty croup and it was always recommended steam was best so I don't know why know they are saying not to use it. I know it works well for my kids so I'm continuing to use my vaporiser for their coughs/colds.

I went out and bought a Vicks vapouriser today for my DS. I had an old one but decided to update it. Will be using it tonight as he has a runny nose and a terrible cough at the moment.
I hope you don't all get annoyed when I say this-

my dd has asthma and often gets croup, and I have found that a vapouriser does NOTHING to help. Our pediatrician confirms that they don't help, as does many hours of internet research, INCLUDING the Children's Hospital website, which has an interesting section on croup and asthma.

Not only that, someone else posted on this site a few weeks ago, saying that her vapouriser, which was new and in good dondition, being used correctly, actually caught fire during the night- putting her baby and the whole family in great danger.

So, I wouldn't recommend getting one.

I've had both. I had a Vicks one - and loved it. However, after about a year (or just under), it stopped working. No idea why, just stopped. Sent DH out to the chemist where we bought it at about 8.00 at night, and they wanted to send it away etc etc etc. He said no way, DD had really bad cough and needed it that night (true). The only one they had was a TAAV, so that's what we have now. Still works really well, I just found the vicks worked better (well, when it worked anyway!!). I add the eucalyptus oil for vapourisers in the water, as with the TAAV I find it isn't as effective if its just in the well bit. Couldn't live without mine!

If you use rainwater in a vapouriser it doesn't work as well... apparently there are not enough minerals in the water to make the steam really work. That's why a bit of salt works wonders... 'recommended by the pharmacist'!!

I have the Vicks. after two nights my son's night cough stopped. i bought it to humidify the air because of the constant air conditioners with this wet weather. I thought it was great.



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