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my son has a life threatening nut allergy. unfortunately this means we have to check every food that goes in his mouth. How do others cope with this? I am already finding that people are not inviting him places eg birthdays so that they don't have to worry about the food they serve.

Tarin, vic, Mitch aged 4, Noah aged 2

Hi, I know a few children with nut allergies, and thier parents send along some party treats that they know that they can eat to each party. They said this works well. I guess it comes down to communicating with other parents about the allergy and how severe it can be, but letting them know that there are foods that they can eat just like other children. Perhaps invite a couple of children and their parent/s to your place, a park etc, where you supply appropriate food. This will help them to get to know you better, and vice versa.
Also, depending on your child's age, it's important to educate him.
Hope this helps

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