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Urgent help with Hair Straightner! Lock Rss

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anything that heats up to 210degrees will do the trick

GDH, silver bullet, DIVA i have used all 3 and the musta (hated musta coz it pulled my hair!)

I have had so many hair straightners and all I can say is the GHD is the BEST and ONLY one I would recommend. Couldn't live without it.
I have a stefan hair straightner. Only bought it last week cause my old one was on the way out and i didnt really like the job it done anyway (cant think what brand it was). They have a $75 trade in on your old one which makes them only $150. And the girl at the counter said they are exactly the same as GHD but half the price. I love it. And I got a thermal bag to put it in too. Can go straight in it when you are finished and keeps it out of the way of little fingers. I love it.

definitely GHD - shop around tho. They've just released a new model and they are around $300+ you can buy an old one for around $220-250 - that is a great price. My friends a hair dresser so I got mine for $200 but they are worth every penny


I used to have a Muster and sold it on Ebay to get a GHD. I have never looked back. I found with the Muster it used to dry my hair out and caused alot of breakages and slip ends... But with the GHD it smoothes it out, I got my GHD brand new off Ebay, I payed $180 for it but you have to make sure its authentic.

But if you want to go back to the Muster, I have seen second hand ones for heaps cheap... But GHD is better : )

thanks so much for all your suggestions, i am getting a GHD, although i would like to know which one it is that yous are all talking about, as i have seen 2 different ones, a GHD salon and a ghd normal i think, (sorry pregnant brain makes me forgetful!)
Just want to make sure i get the right one, i have looked at prices, and i am expecting to pay $300.
I need a hairdresser friend to get me one cheaper lol!
I wont buy this on Ebay as i think i would like to get it from a hairdressers or an actual shop. I would love to try it out first! Im going to wait till next week to get it as i am getting DDs Maxi climber this week...

Oh does anyone know if there are thermal bags available fo rthe GHD?????

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I have noticed that in a shop called 'Hairhouse Warehouse' they do demo's at the front of the shop using a GHD, check the website to see if there is one near you.

On the box mine says its a: ghd original ceramic styling iron smile]

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I’d recommend Karmin laugh
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