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sorry am not sure if i have posted this in the right section or not but do any of you mums out there have any ideas for a trendy but inexpensive toy box. I have been looking in catalogues for one to buy but they all seem so expensive. Any suggestions????

My girls are my world!!!!

I've actually just got a large square plastic container that's a clear lime green. Durable, trendy and inexpensive. Woolies have them, or the Cheap shops.
What a good idea, ill have to keep my eye out now. Thanks littleteapot.

My girls are my world!!!!

I agree- the clear plastic boxes with open tops are great toy boxes. Babies/toddlers can't get trapped in them. You can see the toys from the side of the box. You can get them in heaps of colors. They are relativly cheap- try go-lo, the wherehouse or the reject shop. If you find some ones that stack up they are even better because they take up less room. Oh, and some will slide under the cot for storage.

I too have a plastic storage box for a toy box. its great and i can just put the lid on it and take it with us when we go to a mates place or where ever. I got it from Big W for $15
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