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How man of you ladies shop at Aldi's?

Do they sell and have you used their nappysan? I am sick of paying so much for it and have decided to become an Aldi shopper! Which of their products do you or don't you recommend????

Thanks so Much



I don't have an Aldi- I live in the sticks- but was so excited to see someone posting on here that I had to reply,lol.

How dead is it on here today!!!!

Anyhow- hopes someone useful comes along and answers your question about the nappy san.

They do sell nappysan for about $3.50 and there wipes are good $2.99. What other stuff do you want to know?
Hi Suzee (love the sig...hehe)

i have shopped there a few times, i buy frozen stuff and thier fruit and veg, have bought some meat and muesli bars etc. I bought their cheese and bacon balls once and got it BIG trouble from DP... LOL (they weren't as good apparently) their nappies are quite good too...

Have never ventured into their soap, shampoo's cleaning products etc, have you tried these and what are they like? you think the nappysan etc are ok?? I must try their nappy wipes too. They are so expensive, although i usually just buy the coles ones as i find them excellent. I'm not a fan of the h u gs wipes...

Hi Kristy.

I love Aldi. The nappysan is great, we also use the laundry powder for our clothes, the dishwasher powder (better then Finish), cook spray, tissues, tomato sauce, glad wrap, shower gel, sorbolene, kitchen wipes, disinfectant, dog food, and heaps of the other stuff. DH doesn't like their peanut butter but that's about it. I went there on Friday and got a full trolley for $77, then I went to woolies and got one basket (about half full) for $49, so it's HEAPS cheaper.

Have fun!

P.S. Their baby food is actually Heinz, if you read the back it tells you.
Wow! Are you serious about the babyfood? Wish i had known that earlier!! LOL

Thanks for that, i think i will now officially become an Aldi shopper. It is so much cheaper, i get sooooo pee'd off at some of the prices in the supermarkets! And if the quality is just as good if not better well then there is absolutely no reason not to!

Thanks for your input ladies.



Sorry to crash your post, but i was wondering where everyone is doing the sigs with there usernames on them. If you can tell me i'd be very thankful
Hi, I have just recently converted to aldi! I have been buying the nappies for ages but had never tried anything else but as someone else was saying I was just getting so sick of the supermarket prices and the fact that so many brands are dissapearing to be replaced by the supermarkets own brand. I did my first proper shop at aldi last fortnight and I got a fair bit of stuff, still have to get some things at the supermarket but they won't be getting many of my $ anymore!
I never realised that aldi had so much stuff that is made in australia, I was under the misconception that it was all foreign brands.
I have used aldi's nappysan and I think it is quite good.
I haven't tried the wipes because I like to buy the bulk packs which they don't have, but I will be buying as much as I can from there this week.
I think we get used to using the same brands all the time and like to stick to them just out of habit (that was my biggest problem anyway!) but it doesn't hurt to try something new especially if your taking money away from the greedy supermarkets!

mum to two gorgeous guys

After reading all your stories lovely ladies, i too have decided to give aldi a go!

Bit of a strange question, but do they actually provide plastic bags to cart your groceries home in. I have popped into our local aldi a couple of times, and shoppers all seem to be pacing groceries themselves into those cotton environmentally friendly bags.

Would hate to get there and have no way of getting groceries home!!!!! Just so i'm prepared....


I buy a few stuff in Aldies too but don't really like their cleaning products I didn't try the nappiesan yet but got some dishwashing liquid and cream clenser (like jiff) and didn't like them they were not as good as the brand names from supermarket !Also the tothpaste is horrible...
Their wipes are good !! I like the chocolate spread (like nutella) their sour cream and cheese is good ! I buy the tuna in cans it's good !!! That's all I can think now..but I guess everybody is different so you might like the suff what I didn't so maybe just try them all ...
Ah yeah and someone asked if you need your own bags ...yes you do or you can buy theirs for 15c each or the enviro for 79c!!The aldis at our place need $2 in thier shopping trolleys too so make sure you have a coin with you !!!

Hope this helps a bit....
OK!!! Well i went to Aldi this arvo to do my shopping!
Firstly i will just say that i did stop at foodworks to get washing powder as the special finishes today. Plus i got some chux wipes as someone recommended these for bubs high chair.

I bought.. biscuits, cereal, olive oil, nappisan, baby wipes, ham, salami, mince, chick fillets, cheese, heaps of froz veg, froz kievs, chick nuggets, fresh fruit and veg, coffee muesli bars... plus more, it cost me $80... I reckon if i had of went to coles as normal it would have cost me at LEAST $120 if not more.
I got heaps of meat, plus 3 lots of nappywipes. Its great!
Now lets just see if DF complains bout the salami or ham... or cheese too!!!!

oh and i had to stop at the fruit mart for some pumpkin, they ran out....
Oh and they had 10 kiwi fruit for 99c at aldi!!!! BARGAIN!

Go Aldi smile


Hi Kristy,

Just wanted to say love the new sig- it is very cute!!!!

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