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Phil and teds navigator stroller Lock

If anyone has one, please tell me what you love or hate about it

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the sit'n'stand stroller, anyone use it before? Lock

Hi mums, I saw the sit'n'stand baby love stroller today and found it really attractiv...

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I'm trying to find in store rather than online ( seem to be UK or USA) Sit n Stand Stroller. There are some on Gumtree but they...


Fruugo Lock

Has anyone shopped using Fruugo before ( or Is this ...

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Sorry, I got no replies and didn't end up using the website.


Freebies and Sample sites Lock

Does anyone know good freebies and sample sites ? feel free to share!

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Huggies Editor

Helping families in need in tasmania Lock

To support Aussie families, Kimberly-Clark has organised for 83 pallets of essential products t...

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This is very important and essential decision and it helped lot of aussies there.

UGG Australia 2011 Herbst und Winter Lock

Hope and Hysteria wrote: Pissen sie auf, bitte! Schnell! Dumbkopf! LOL H&H +1

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Analyse des chaussures de football Nike caractéristiques de la marque Lock

reported sorry i dont speak french NZ mamma- would love to know what you said

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figured it would be along those lines


Photographer lost ALL of my baby's photos after making me wait 8 weeks for them!!! Lock

I just wanted to share my experiences I recently had with this newborn photographer in Perth. I o...

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That's awful. What horrid service you received. Unfortunately its true, as photography is unregulated anyone with a camera ca...


Mountain Buggy Terrain on a Farm?? Any experiences or suggestions Lock

Hi, I live on a farm with rough stoney, even corrugated roads, I'm currently using a borrowe...

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My sister lives on a property and she bought an Emmaljunga and she loves it. She wanted something with suspension and nice big pump ...


Bugaboo Donkey Duo Lock

Hi there, Just wanting to canvas your opinions on the Donkey Duo. I have a small sedan and am w...

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Can I ask what kind of small sadan your car is? my mum has a toyota Carolla and I am wondering if it will fit in her boot.


Baby banz sunglasses Lock

Hi everyone! Just looking at buying some sunglasses for DD, was wondering if anyone here have use...

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gypsy kylz

nappies leaking...? annoyed Lock

i think there was a topic similar to this a little while ago but i couldnt find sorry if i...

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We've just discovered this problem with the "new" girls infant box 96.I've used 1 box with no problem and also half a bag ...

mobydisc dj - wedding Lock

has anyone got feedback on these dj's?

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DON'T USE MOBY DISC! They reuined our wedding day.  Everything was filmed so I am happy to show anyone who is thinking of using MO...


SRC Recovery Shorts Lock

I was wondering if anyone has used the SRC Recovery Shorts and what they thought about them? I am...

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Be Naive wrote: I used them after ds and they were good. I won't be using them now after dd because it's way too hot! Very good poi...


Mama and Papa Sola Pram Lock

Hi Ladies, Been thinking about getting a new pram for bub no. 2. There's nothing wrong with the o...

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I bought the Sola a few days ago, I love it!!!! It's a teensy bit on the heavy side but I just love it, super easy to put up and dow...


buying a house Lock

Hi l'm just wondering if anyone lives in a home that backs onto a park. We are looking at one at...

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We back onto a park and absolutely love it. We are a fair way from the playground area though and it's more of a nature strip so we...


Food Processors Lock

I've been wanting a food processor for a long time now, and my mum has offered to buy me one for ...

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I have not noticed any issues with it but I dont use it that much. When i do have it on I am generally holding it so have not notice...


Phil and Teds vs Mountain Buggy Lock

We have been checking out the various buggy options and have narrowed it down to Phil and Teds Ex...

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I have a Phil & Teds Dash and have thought it is quite good but can see the benefits of Mountain Buggy as well. Mountain Buggy didn...


Hairdressers in Bunbury WA for toddler Lock

Asking local mums from Bunbury WA if they could please recommend a hairdresser to cut my 19 month...

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Trying for #3!

Convertable Booster Seats Lock

I have a 22mth old DD and was wondering if you guys could shed some light on these convertable bo...

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Thanks ladies! I ended up going with the Babylove seat, and am very impressed with my purchase! I think it is great value for money...


Strollers:: not sure where to start! Lock

Hi everyone We have an 8 month old and I am currently using a Valco Rebel Q pram for her- which ...

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I don't know how much money you're looking to spend but have a look at the Baby Jogger City Mini. I have the City Elite and it fit p...


Nappies - boys walker size Green colour Lock

I bought a big box of the boys walker nappies, and they are green and say 5 on the them, im used ...

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The boxes i have bought are really crap quality lately too and leak.But it says made in australia on the box!


Action Fort playset- anyone have one?? Lock

Hi guys! I'm looking at this swingset for the...

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Oh that's not too bad! I found a Hills one for $289 with a slide you can buy to attach to it $120. That's sounds good cos I think hi...


Nappies - boys walker size Green colour Lock

I bought a big box of the boys walker nappies, and they are green and say 5 on the them, im used ...

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xoom or galaxy? Lock

We are looking at getting a tablet as its cheaper to get a tablet on a plan than to get a new mod...

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Love, love, love my xoom! That gets my vote! Dh has dropped it a few times and it's never missed a beat

Huggies Editor

NEW Huggies Nappy Pants Crawlers Lock

The Huggies Nappy-Pants range now comes in three sizes, crawler size (7-11kg), toddler size (10...

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hi huggies, i just wanna ask if you can still buy infant nappy at wollies? ive been to newington wolies to get infant but they haven...


Shapewear... Lock

I'm after some opinions on shapewear, as I'm thinking about getting some of the briefs so I can w...

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StrawberryTimTam wrote: I would say same size but try them on to be sure they fit well. If you go too small you will get more lumps ...


Backpack nappy bags Lock

Hi peeps does anyone use a backpack nappy bag? What brand/type would you recommend? I'm thinking...

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Thanks girls- I will google it now will have to go check out big w- didn't think of them to be honest! How exciting, thank you

annabelle's mummy

Photo Gifts -online Lock

Hi, Has anyone come across a good website to create photo gifts with? Thanks!!

11 replies is a best website for choose gifts because its provide lots of gifts options.

Carpet Shampooer Lock

Hi everyone, I am looking at getting a carpet shampooer but i was wondering if anyone on huggi...

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We have a Bissell Cat & dog I think it is! It's in the garage somewhere! I think it was around $330. We only bought a fairly cheap...


Best baby sleeping bags. Lock

Just after people's advice on tog rated sleeping bags. Most of my friends have chosen & love the ...

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Hi. I used the Woombie on my daughter in the early days. She now wears a Dream Bag and they are excellent and fantastic value for mo...


Baby bags / Nappy bags Lock

came across this baby bag.....looks like it has everything and looks fantastic. anyone used????? ...

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Dreambaby Dvd Shield any good? Lock

Hi there Just wondering whether anyone has tried the Dreambaby DVD Shield/Guard. It's supposed t...

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Convertible car seats Lock

Hey guys We're looking at getting a convertible car seat for our 7 month old, hopefully to use u...

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Hi Jodi, Not sure if you are still looking but we use the safe and sound meridian AHR. Have had it since our son was born. We have...


b balance bike Lock

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has had one of these wooden bikes? I'm looking to buy one online ...

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Kitchens for kids?? Lock

Hi For dd's 2nd birthday I am looking for a big play kitchen (cos I never had one and now's my...

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We have at playcentre theser really cool heavy duty plastic fridge and oven, they can live outside and in the sandpit just waterbla...


Mountain Buggy Webshop Lock

I have always raved about my Mountain Buggies (I have a single and a twin), but man I've had the ...

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I am going through the same thing. Our rear tires keep wearing after very limited use. FRUSTRATING. Any tips? I have always raved...


Steam Mops Lock

I've decided I'd like to get myself a steam mop, so I'm asking all of you that own one in Huggies...

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Thanks...I'll have to have a good think about it, and do a bit more research.

Childcare Baby Box Travel Dome Lock

Hi, I'm also interested in purchasing the baby box. I'd love to hear if you buy one. Thanks Mich...

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I have just received my Childcare Baby Box Dome so haven't used it yet. I bought it as we are travelling in Europe for 5 weeks. My f...


a good multivitamin Lock

who takes multivitamins that actually work, i've tried a lot over the years on and off and most r...

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I really like Swisse multivitamins (gelcaps tend to be easier for me to digest) and have been taking their pregnancy one which I als...