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Ahhh... Lock Rss

Done!! How cute is he!!
what is the comp for?
I have voted for your little one.

Good Luck.

Hey steph, I just voted for him, nhes in 2nd place now!! Good luck, hes gorgeous!!

can u vote twice for the same one?

I just voted for him too, I hope tehe, he's just too dang CUTE hehe

[Edited on 17/10/2007]
Stephanea. no i haven't yet, keep checking the post. the post rides his bike right to the front door when it is important things other then letter, he is really nice hehe. dont worry bout my name not many people get it right really, for ages at school a teacher insisted on reading my name as Ashley, i dont see how Aliesha could be pronounced Ashley but hey. it originaly was spelt Alicia but mum changed it cuz my grandparents were calling me a different name
my DD and ur DS are tied at the moment. He is so cute.My DD is the first one. If ur DS goes to the final round then u have my vote. Good luck.

oooo u are 125 in second at the moment what a lil cutie
Hey steph, I haver voted for your little boy 3 times off my computer, just different days, and every time his tally went up..

I voted..

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