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Not again!!! Lock Rss

My nana just called to tell me my pop has just had another stroke this is his 2nd one in a week....she had just got out of bed to relise my pop was already up so she went to the bathroom and found him on the floor... sorry just needed to get it out im home alone
Oh, im so sorry. I hope that he is ok. Thinking of you xx
Sorry to hear about your pop,i hope he get's better real fast and back up on his feet!!
Thats got to be so hard to hear. ~BiG HuGs~

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

we were warned last week that a bigger one would possible follow i just hope has been affected to bad
I thinking of you and big hugs!!

Lets hope it doesn't affected him that much,please let us know how he gets on!!
Your poor Nana must have gotten a terrible fright! I hope you are OK. It is awful when grandparents get sick. Really scary! If you ever need to chat you can PM me! I went through simmilar thing a year ago with my grandpa!
Dont panic just yet, it may sound worse than it is
PS your baby is gorgeous!

Mummy to Lily

Is there anyone that can come around and be with you, just so if u need a hug or to talk?

thinking of you

I am sorry to hear that your pop has had a 2nd stroke.

If you need someone to tallk to or listen i;m always around just pm me.

I went through this with my grandfather so i may be able to offer some advice or what ever.

I hope Your pop hasn;t been affected to badly.

thinking of you

i''''m baking a baby

Thanks for all your kind thoughts DD Godmother will be over soon.... i just hope i hear soon how he is
hi girls well my pop is home was another little one but the docs said its only a matter of time before a big one hits him... thanks for all your kind support i know i can count on you all if something worse ever does happen
That's really good news,i'm happy everything is ok with your pop.Let's hope the next one is many years to come.
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