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hi just wondering if anybody has any experiences with deals direct good or bad it seems a little cheap to me so im wondering if there is some sort of catch or fault thanx

i tried to order stuff from them
they seem all right i didnt realise it had to be paid in 2 days though
and considering they buy and sell in bulk i dont think there should be a problem

I have bought things from there before and i found the postage on some items is very unreasonable and also the quality wasnt as good as i had expected. Also if you order more than one item you may still have to pay more in postage. I bought 3 item and had to pay three lots of postage as they apparently are shipped from different warehouses so it worked out I paid $40 in postage so I think thats a bit rough.
They are CRAP.

I got a baby box from their "Sister site" Catch Of The Day and it was so dodgy.

I bought a espirit watch from them and I had no problems. The shipping was quick. I saved quiet a bit of money.

Hi I have bought makeup wipes off them in bulk and I think they were great as they have no alcohol in them. I also signed up to received emails from them about their specials, and about once a month they have a no postage special on some or all their products.
Can I ask what you were interested in buying.
Take care Karen
hi thanx for the replies i am still torn between buying or not buying i was looking at buying the kids drum kit and the little girls lap top for my niece and nephews birthdays the postage on both is on 9.95 i thought this was pretty resonable and the were both 19.95 each

we have had mostly good purchases from there sister site (catch of the day) except for the baby box. We have been waiting 1 month for an order after being told it had been dispatched, turns out it was outta stock and on back order and we only found out coz we cracked it when they didn't replay to emails, but they allowed us to cancel the order which was good.
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