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no not you lol!
seriously just wondering has anyone ever had a mole cut out i have to get one done on friday and im a bit scared can u tell me what is involved in the procedure.
thanks ladies

i havent but my friend did, she said they just inject some local and just cut and put a stitch or 2
I cant help you too much but remember having one cut out when I was about 10. I can remember it not hurting that much and I got a couple of stitches.
I can remember going to school and being proud I had stitches.
I could not tell you however how it was done.

I had one done a couple of years ago. Just as PP said, some local and 5 minutes later, done. They always say the local stings - I hardly felt it. Mine was on my cheek, so I could hear the cutting and suturing which was weird. Bit tender for a couple of hours then fine.
my Dh got a mole removed last week and it was a simple procedure. They gave him some local anaesthetic and cut the mole. He had one stitch. My DH said he never felt any pain.

Just keep an eye on the area after its done

some moles no matter how many times you cut them out they keep coming back
I had one removed from my leg and it is really quick and painless. depending on where the mole is make sure the doc put in enough stitches, mine was on my thigh and as it is a large muscle which is used a lot the three stitches the dr put in didnt hold it close enough so he should have put 5 cos now the scar is bigger than the mole was.

But dont stress, its easy
i had one cut out a few years back (about 4 years ago) and all it is a local is used, it gets cut out and stitiches in and then a few days later they get taken out. nothing to worry about its not like labour!!LAMO!!

i was called ballo!

oh and they send it to the lab and find out if it was benign (not cancer) or not. no great deal and usually find out the results out when you get ur stitches out. 5 mins max the whole procedure is.

i was called ballo!

Thanks ladies.

Mine is on my upper arm, between my shoulder and elbow! I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to these kinds of things but hey, if i have give birth, i can do this!!

LOL smile]

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