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3 subjects in 1 .. booo yeh!!!!! pff Lock Rss

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omg! are you having s e x already???? You go girl!

Hey Shana...Umm sorry to say it hun - but you CAN fall preggas while breastfeeding...A friend of mine (yes really a friend - LOL) took 18 months to fall pregnant with her now 8 month old son. They are now due with their 2nd a month before his 1st birthday!!!
the only thing i have an answer for is yes u can get preg as long as u have u unprotected sex u have a chance of getting pregnant.
tell ur friend good luck and i cant beleive she had sex already lol. good on her!

oh and i think once you drop a feed thats when alot of ppl fall preg, but yes you can get preg from playing hide the monkey with no glove.

And Df thought DS was saying Dadda too at that time. sure he is honey smile
[Edited on 17/10/2007]

q 1 - no idea
q 2- keep humouring Dean!!!! gotta love a doting dad
q3- tell....your friend it is possible. although i didn't b/f i fell preggeres straight away ..twice, hence the close age gaps! it is not common to fall preggers while soley b/f but hey, stranger things have happened, your friend sounds funny, as in
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Hey Shana

it wouldnt be a bad thing having them so close together, they would go to school the same year.....
1. No idea
2. Righto Dean! LOL
3. Ummm, if you have sex you can get pregnant no matter what!
[Edited on 17/10/2007]
Post deleted by administrator.
Answer for number three.....YES!!!

I was breastfeeding my then 7 month old, I had not had a period, and I was also on Mini-pill. I should be pretty damn well covered!!
We had sex for the FIRST time since the 7 month old was born, and we fell pregnant.

Short answer YES.
Long answer, don't trust breastfeeding as a contraceptive, don't trust the mini pill for a contraceptive, and don't trust the mini-pill and breastfeeding combined for a contraceptive!!!
We found ourselves with a 30 month old, a 7 month old and pregnant again! After third was born, I had implanon inserted at 6 weeks, and haven't had an "accident" on that. Baby number one was a pill baby too!
wow ricki you are either super fertile or Dh has superman sperm!
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