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Hello everyone,

Well I was just wondering today what makes you all choose the names you do (your member name that is)... just wondering if there is a story behind them or what...

So I will tell you mine it's pretty self explanatory - Arabellasmum05 - Arabella is the name of my DD and she was born in 2005... yep pretty boring but meh!

What does yours mean???

my name is stephanie and i was 20 when i joined up i am 22 now so i should change that lol im just too lazy!

Well i love the colour Pink, and my DS seems to have a thing for Zebras (well maybe i influenced that) lol,

So thats me, Pink Zebra, or Zebbie as they call me


mine means i am always awake! most nights i have about 1-2 hours sleep, thats altogether, not a solid couple of hours 1/2 hour here and there adds up!
Mine is Tys for my ds and Moo for my dd. Although if you say it quick it sounds rude lmao

can you guess my story??


interesting, there are a few names on here which are a bit different, i know a few people have their kids names but i always wondered if the others were
just nicknames or something.....

my username is pretty obvious, but im tryna think of what i can change it to once bubby is born.......

Dakota 7 month old lil princess

Well mine's pretty self explanitory too...
But my old one was mezz_adara and I chose that because Adara is my cat's name and I've been called Mezz since I was about 4 y/o
So just thought I'd chuck that in there to lol
that's a tough one Mum2Ryder!!!!! I can't get my head around it lol!

My name is Cherylea and my DH calls me cherry-pie cos I'm so sweet - hehehe. I used to be 'fun mum' but i thought that sounded like i was full of myself lol

Mines after my DS. His name is George and he is just as curious as the little monkey.

Mine is connorbubba cos thats what my dp calls my bub connor. I'm kinda over it but can't think of another name!

Well mine is easy, muname is Suzee and my 3 kids all start with the letter A
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