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Has anyone had an Early Induction?? My doctors are planning to induce me at 36 weeks and I am told the induction can be a long and painful experience...

Can anyone shed light on this please


i was induced due to pre eclampsia all i can say is i hope your not planning on a drug free birth. i had the gel at 6m friday night then it was removed at 6am midwife broke waters at 8am walked and walked and walked got put on drip at 11am it was a sudden onset of contractions had pethadine at 2.30pm did nothing then at 5pm i had a epi my daughter was born 36 and half hours after i had the gel sorry to scare you
hi i have heard that it can be a lot more painful due to the contractions just starting, not building up over time as it would naturally but that doesnt mean that you cant still have a good experience.

And if you want one, it doesnt mean you cant still have a drug free birth either.

im sure there is plenty of people on here who can give you better advice but dont be scared of it

I also have been induced 3 times early It is done if you are becoming unwell or pre eclampsia Drs do it to as you might be big and you are small or the oppisite your baby might not be growing so well.
Whatever the reason your dr wont just induce you to make you deliver the induction can be more painful because as has been said there is alot less time to build up slowly and you usualy go straight into labour when they do an induction with oxitocin.
There is no reason though that you have to have a painful birth you can have an epi done and use gas and water to help you
You can also ask the mid wives to turn down the drip if you get into a regular labour patern good luck

Ive been induced twice, the first time was at 31 + 2 and was abit scarey and was 20 hours not long after the midwife broke my waters from the first contraction until baby was born however, i needed two applications of the gel to get things started. I had an epidural with this birth.

The second i had done at 35 + 3 and I had two applications of the gel. The second was done about 7.30pm and by 10pm that day i was in labour. It took 55 minutes from the first contraction to the time it was all over. This baby was born in the bath at the hospital with just my partner there and no midwife. It was not planned this way but i couldnt stop it when my waters broke. By having intercourse this time around, it speed up the process as something changes in your hormones doing this.

It was an interesting experience both times. I hope this helps you in some way.
i was induced with my 1st- not early tho (was going to be done at 38weeks but wasnt)

every1 was telling me that getting induced is the worst thing in the world but TBH it wasnt that bad! i dont know if it was just because i had nothing to compare it to as DS was my 1st or it just really wasnt that bad lol

i had 1 lot of gel and was told not to get excited as id prolly need anutha dose the next morning and then the drip but a few hours later it all started! contractions we about 12.5hours of regularness and the pushing was 30mins lol they broke my waters which DID NOT HURT i repeat DID NOT HURT (and it shouldnt if it is done correct)

so yeah pretty pleasent story there i did it drug free oh wait i had 30mins of gas which did nothing lol ITS A TRICK!

Hi I have been induced with all 4 babies and probably will be for the next in March.
You have nothing to worry about as now you dont have to worry about your waters breaking at the shops or when your out.You will know roughly when bubs will be born so I think its better.
For me it was about 4 hours for each one and it does depend on the hospital whether they will deliver quick or not or want to do it slowly with the drip.My last was nearly 7 hours and I'd prefer it much quicker.
I dont think they usually start the drip full on rather they build it up.I only used gas with my last and I would prefer peth but it is ok with just gas
DONT worry about it,you will be fine.As I dont have anything to compare it to I'd say that being induced is quicker and propably the same pain wise as normal,coz every birth is different.
GOOD LUCK with your bubs birth,you will be fine.
My sister was induced cause her amniotic fluid was low the only difference with bein induced i think is that the pain doesnt build up it ll be more painful straight off cause of the oxytocin.... but she only had a 4 and a half hr labour and it was her first. But im sure that other ppl will have had different experiences with bein induced. It all depends on how your body reacts with the oxytocin to help you start contracting.

Hope this helps

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i was induced with both mine but i was overdue and obviously still not ready to give birth. if your body is not ready then the process can be long not terribly painful until you actualy go into labour but it can take quite a while.
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With DD#1 I had to be hurried up due to waters breaking but everything just stopped. Very quick (4 hours) no pain relief and just awful experience. DD#2 induced at 37 weeks as she was big - epidural worked, waters broken, no pain and it was all over in just on 4 hours - amazing experience. It can go either way but from my experience DON'T be a hero and try and do it without drugs. Good luck!!!
horrible painful and followed by a emerg, ceaser duet to induction failure. sorry. doesnt matter what you do, or what type of birth you have, its all unpleasent. do your research on pain relief.....sorry.

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