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Give Luka avocado?
He's 7.5 months, has only just had potato though.
He was 7 weeks prem so I'm taking things a bit slower.
When did you give it to your bub?
Hey u can give them advocadao at about 6 months plus!
I was just wondering, I have a premmie aswell so can i asked when did u start solids.

Hello yes of course you can. Alot of midwives and doctors recommend it as a first food to give to them as it has the same fatty acid as breast milk. hope this helps.

alyce xo

mush it up with some banana, he will love it!

Both my girls were about 7 weeks prem and both started eating solids from about 6 mnths. I introduced all sorts of foods really quickly about 2-3 weeks after that, including avacado and had no problems.
My DS was 10 weeks premature and avocado was one of the first things he had after the usual rice cereal etc. Our paed recommended us to start him on solids at 6 months and continue as you would with a full term baby (unless he had gagging/choking issues).

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

Oh cool thanks guys, I have one sitting in the pantry that needs to be eaten so I'll give him some and have the rest myself yummy!!

Still melb mum: I started Luka at 6 months, cause he was growing really fast.
He then got sick and wasn't eating it so I waited till he got better and started again.
You CHN should be able to give you a rough idea

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