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Taxi from Melbourne airport to CBD Lock Rss

Does anyone know the approx. cost of this trip? Is it easy to catch a bus??
Hey dunno the price but I would say approx $60 for the taxi fare. They have a bus service that goes from the airport to spencer st station which is pretty much well actually it is smack bang cbd.
You would be better off getting a bus, Im pretty sure they leave from the airport pretty regularly
Thanks. Staying at Quest Docklands so I think that is not far from Spencer street. Might take the bus, $60 is a lot!
so that would be roughly 20 mins away from the airport, so a big drive for a taxi
the bus will cost you i think from memory $12 each way. The bus is very easy.

it services both tullamarine and avalon, so make sure you specify which airport you are going to!

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Catch the sky bus smile I am not sure of the price I think its about $25 return smile Very easy and they drop you at your hotel door.

I got a taxi a fews year s back from the airport to the city and it cost me $40 I got lost at the airport so gave up trying to find a bus and got a taxi.



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Yep, taxi will cost you anywhere from $50 upwards. Crazy.. Definitely catch the bus if you don't have too much luggage?
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