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i hate it when im making a bottle and lid isnt on tight enough and i shake milk all over the damn floor aaarrrrggggg

Is that an Avent bottle?
They did that to me too for a while!! grrr. Now I always hold it over the sink to check - its a hang-up of mine!
Yeah i have Avent bottle and it dose that to me.i hate it when i heat one up in the middle of the night and it happens.
here here! I hate it too. And we use Avent too sad

OMG yes i use avent bottle!!
Im glad im not the only one it drives me nuts lol!
I too now shake the bottle over the sink smile]

OMG happens to me all the time with the advent and tommy tippee bottle the cheap ones it doesnt tho.. drive me batty

I use avent bottles too and we have had the same problem. I don't actually think it has anything to do with how tight you put the lid on. It's more to do with the placement of the holes that let the air into the bottle while they are drinking. Generally if it does it now I undo the lid but keep it in place and keep turning after it's undone until it clicks and that stops it leaking.
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