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  5. I just caught my sons.............

I just caught my sons............. Lock Rss

Doing wee in the dirt, to make mud,

They wanted to play with mud.

It is times like this I wish I had girls.....

LOL!!! That is funny - don't worry too much it is actually quite sterile - wee that is! They are obviously water-saving concious
My oldest son tells me, "but mum, we arent allowed to use the tap....."

Oh that is adorable, now do you know why there were 27 cups on your sink??? they needed a lot of wee!!!
lmao! thats sooooo funny!


It is makes sense now!!!!!
LOL ... is this what I have to look fwd to with boys arrrrrgh!

You need another one!!!! My 3 are 39 months apart, go and have another!! You're only young once

We are TTC #4 - I hope its a girl, but then again, I bet my boys would teach her how to squat in the dirt, so she can help make mud,.....
lol thats is cute bet you run out of drink pretty quickly
sometimes im greatful for having a girl but i want a boy too

LOL Ricki 76, I am only 28 but already feel like I am too old for anymore these days wink ... I think two is perfect for us, I do admire you going for number 4 tho. I think you are right, if u had a girl with 3 boys she'd have no choice but to inherit some 'tomboy' traits which would be too cute:)

Actually TTing my youngest at the moment. He seems to think weeing is to be done in the garden when outside (learning off his big brother). Once during the week while we were outside he ran and stood in the garden bed, squated in it and weed on the dirt. I got him back out of their pronto cause I could already read his next step would be playing with it LOL

LMAO that is so funny and cute yet gross
OMG thats so funny i have three boys and they do the grossest things and think its funny. Amen to Girls.......

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