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21 today and couldnt feel less like a birthday Lock Rss

im 21 today and it couldnt feel less like a birthday
im being dictated to by a 17 year old and ive been crying all morning
fh rang me he was upset cause he had hung up on me and i refused to answer his ph calls for a while

anyway happy birthday to me yay (not)

Happy Birthday. Hope your day improves and the 17 yr old leans to have respect.

I hope your day improves and you can start to enjoy your special day.


Mummy to one big little man!!

Happy Birthday!!

I hope your day gets better and you have a good one...


Sorry you are having such a rough day wink]

Have a Happy Birthday

Hope your day turns into a good one:)]

aww... happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to .. lilmumof 2 (oooooooooooooo)<-dragged out 2 lol... happy birthday to you grin grin

dont worry bout the 17yr old..they know everything til they get older ~rolls eyes~ me, i still no everything lol ..treat yourself to a time out... go out and have a lunch or something.. escape for a while.. you deserve it grin
oh oh ..i got an idea ~puts boxing gloves on~ .. ill sort em out!! tongue:P (little five foot me will knock them down!! lol... ..but at least i sound tough on here? grin tongue lol)

Hope it turns out to be a special day for you.
basically we have decided to move into a house together (due to the high price of rent) and she is taking it upon herself to tell me what is and isnt going to happen
it will be fh me and her boyfriend signing the lease because she is under age
first she want the master bedroom with the ensuite because she has tiny $30 moisturisers and she doesnt want the kids getting into them i said that was ok i could understand
next she wants to be able to play her music (eg manson) i told her she would have to remember that there was 2 kids n the house and she is like "umm hello muso" honestly i dont htink she would know the meaning of the word if she knew anything about my family she wouldnt even think of saying that she considers herself muso but cant play any instruments herself then she wants seperate shopping my problem with that is im not going to have my head taken off if one of the kids gets into something

imo she should have a bit more f u c k i n g respect for people who have done so much to hlep her she has been looking for a house for them to move into since mid august while living with me all we have asked is $30 a week and we get it if they remember it so i have been in tears all mornning cause i just know something is going to go wrong and i can understand where fh is coming from

Don't let this stupid little b i t ch get you down - I reckon you need to tell her straight up to chill out.
Don't let her tell YOU how it's gonna be in the house that's in YOUR name.
Don't bother doing this thing any favours if it's just gonna be a little bi t ch and not help out and respect her elders.
Have it out with her!!
Tell her how it's going to be in YOUR house with YOUR family.
Happy Birthday. Hope u will have a wonderful day.

Hope your birthday gets better honey! Maybe fh will come home with something special. I'll pop open a virtual Champers for ya, and raise a toast: You are only 21 once so F everything and everyone who won't celebrate with you, and have a good time with those who will!

Victoria xxx
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