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I know it probably feels right now that you can't cope, but women are strong, and can make it through the worst. Just remember that you have alot of people around to help you through this, whether it be family, or us huggies mums. Sue is going to break down soon, and is going to need you to be strong for her, as hard as it might be. You will get through this together.
zupps my heart is with and your family.
Strengh is something we find when we think we have none left. if you need some more, come on here, we will all help you stand and support you as you try to continue moving through each day.

I don't know what you and your partner are going through but i just wanted to say how sorry i feel for you and your partner. Hopefully the pain and suffering will end soon and i am sure you just being their for your partner will help you both through this terrible time. Take care.

Just would like to say how deeply sorry I am that this has happened to your family. I have no idea of how much pain you must be going through but we will all be thinking of you and offering our support when you need it.

Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way.


Mum to Ashleey 4 and Tristan 2 !

Hi Zupps,

Chelsea is a beautiful name, and I am sure she was a beautiful baby girl.

My hugs, kisses and thoughts are with you in this time.


zupps my heart cos out to you and your family sad i hope you get the answers you need soon. big hugs to you all
This is a great place to let all your frustrations out - everyone here understands what you are going through. Even if it has never happened to us, we are all mothers and can imagine how horrible it would be.

I am very scared myself that what happened to you will happen to one of my twins. He has a single cord and if put under stress could be born sleeping. If he stays breeched then I am definately having a c-section, I just have this feeling if I went natural, things might not go too plan.

I really hope that you and your partner get another chance to add to your family and all the best through this very difficult time.

How time flies!!

I am so sorry, I dont know what to say, I know nothing I say will help the pain go away, but my heart goes out to you, Sue and your family. XXXOOO

i dont think we will ever have children together, cant handle this again.
zupps, i am so sorry to hear of this terrible thing that has happened to your family. My heart goes out to you and sue.

Have you thought about doing things to remember little chelsea by? like feet and hand moulds? It would be sometihng special to hang on your wall.

I'm sorry again and if you ever need to vent or talk or cry, we're always here x
My heart is with you,and your family at this very sad time.

The joys of having a newborn...

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