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My heart goes out to you and your little family.
You are right Zupps, there is no way any of this is fair.
It is cruel and should not happen. tears are flowinf as i think of your morning yesterday. My baby was born at 35 weeks anfd thankfully she is fine, but My friend of 20 years had her baby at 34 weeks and he was sleeping also, no reason for this, why oh why does this happen, it does not matter what relationship you are in with your partner or how other people think it's Gods way (whatever that means really)This is a cruel and awful thing to be going through. there are no words to make it better thaning to make the pain and hurt disappear.. Just know there are so many of us taking a moment to rememebr Chelsea. Light a candle for her so she knows you there for her xoxoxo

I am so sorry to hear that you lost your beautiful baby girl Chelsea. I am so sorry that you will have to carry this pain for the rest of your days.
When we lost our beautiful man last year the world became a cruel dark place for us.Unfortunately we never got an answer. It was the love for our older son and his strength that pulled us through, without him I dont think I would have survived.
Yes the world is cruel and you try to do everything right and the unthinkable happens. You are right if there was a God he wouldnt take our babies from us.
There are no comforting words.......but as someelse mentioned feel free to join some of us Mums in the pregnancy after loss section.Sometimes it helps just to get it all out and share with people who have also experienced it

Thinking of you and your family

I am so sorry to hear your loss.Hugs.


You and Sue are in my thoughts sweetie. I lost my little girl and delivered at 33 weeks and I know the pain and hurt you guys are feeling right now.

Chelsea sounds just beautiful.

There are many ways to remember your sweet girl, come join us in Pregnancy loss section and between us we can give you support and ways to make special momento's of your little angel.

My heart aches for you both.


Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

oh hun. Big hug im so sorry to hear that. My consolences to you and your family.

Bec 22, Chelsea 4 and Luke 3, Aaron july 08

Im heartbroken to hear of your loss........

Why does life have to be so cruel and for no reason at times....
Zupps, I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl Chelsea. I too lost have lost a baby, albeat at 15 weeks. My little girl Chloe was born on 26 July this year. I know no words can take away the hurt or pain that you are feeling right now. Anyone that says silly things to you like, its gods way, or everything happens for a reason, has obviously never lost a child. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife during this terrible time. As some others have said there is an area under the Pregnancy and Loss section where we chat and talk about our dear little angels. Feel free to join us if/when you or your wife feel like talking, venting, or just letting off some steam.
Take Care

there is nothing that i or anyone else can do to take your pain away but we would gladly help you bear it all my love to you and your family and know there will be a new star in the skys tonight.
light and love Renee

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