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Vote for my baby- pretty please :) Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Hannah has made it into the pop art comp this month - you'll recognise the pic from my old sig. She is on her tummy with her tongue sticking out.

Please could you vote for my little lizard princess.

Teapot is also in the comp I noticed too- so lets spread the love and the votes.C'mon Huggies mums and bubs!!!!!

Then click on the competition tab and it will take you to the pics.

Thanks <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]


She now has 2 votes. Good luck
I was her first vote!!! yaya.
I was your second. Woohoo.
I will vote but can't get the stupid competition screen to load!

How time flies!!

Hi Dee, im trying to vote but for some reason its not loading, well it is but its soooo sloooow! I will vote as soon as i can.
I was your third, if the Darn page will reload!


Thanks- It is taking ages to load- hope it speeds up a bit!!!
Yay we have another Hannah in the pop art..
Lets help a huggies bub win this month..

I have voted

Anyone else got a bub in from huggies??

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

Great - I am glad its not just me then!!

How time flies!!

I wonder if the 438049 members are trying to load the dang page!! Huggies will probably crash that other site!
My screen still hasn't reloaded my vote! Seems we all may be a bit keen. Hehehehehehe


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