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Stencilled driveways... Lock Rss

Hello all. In the revamp of our out-back area, (hubs has built a FANTASTIC deck!) we would like to improve the look of an existing concrete slab, plus another slab being poured for the BBQ section. Both slabs are/will be a plain concrete colour.

Has anyone had professionals in to stencil a colour/pattern on a concrete driveway?
Has anyone stencilled themselves?

I plan to have a cream colour underneath, and a gumleaf green "giraffe splodgy" pattern on top (my description, LOL!)
I know we can't "guerney" (jet clean) a stencil when it gets dirty...

any other pros and cons?? Thank you!!!!
[Edited on 09/11/2007]
Hi Joy3, we have our driveway stencilled, back pool area and the back patio. al in the same design to be consistant but our driveway and pool area is done in sand colour to match the colorbond fences and our back porch is a brick red to match the house bricks. so much nicer than plain old concrete and it does it get dirty, but when it rains it just washes away,and it seems to brighten up the outdoor areas - seems to create an atmosphere- iykwim

Hey Joy hubby used to work for teh company(9 years as QA) that makes the pigmant for the stecnilling !!!

you are alloud to gerni the concrete forst if you call your local council first and get permission (this is Brisbane ..not sure of the rules for anywhere else ) you need to gerni the concrete first as if it is dirty the paint wont stick !!

when you get the next slab od concrete poured try to get someone to do it while the concrete is wet as it wil last a lot longer and you will have a nicer finish for longer !! not all concreters like doing this as it is harder !!

we have a really long driveway adn big patio area and we are going to do it to our own but as hubby is handy ...we are going to do this ourselves jsut need teh stencil and a compressor !!we ahve chosen to make a boarder around the outside as it makes the yard look heaps bigger and we have also chosen large tiles as a pattern this also gives the illusion of a larger area

have you been for a drive around all teh new estates and had a look at teh driveways ..sometimes the ritzy suburbs have interior designers design their patterns and colour schemes ...having a look around teh ritzy places can give you soem great ideas!!

good Luck adn if you have any further questions me later and I will put my people in touch with your people lol lol (i will put hubby on line for you lol lol lol lol )
Oh cool, yes looking forward to it looking better!! Is your non-slip? Slippery at all? We're hearing there's all sorts of additives you can get, like luminescent edges / sandy grip etc. All a bit confusing!

Would anyone care to share how much theirs cost? Just ballpark figures so I know what's average.. thanks!
oops .that is hubbys department ....I will let you know when he getts home !!
FABULOUS Luke'smum - thank you!!!!!

Yes, Hubby would love to say he did the whole lot (guy thing, eye roll, LOL!!!) I'm sure he can do it well, but we were worried about the edges bleeding. He has an air gun for paint... is that the compressor?? (yes, I am blonde! LOL)

Going for a drive is a GREAT idea ... our house is older style... white brick with paned windows, gum leaf green trim. Maybe I might need to a darker slate colour for tiles....HMMMMMMMMMMMM
yep that is a compressor ahve a stencil so the edges can only bleed as far as the edge of teh stencil (does that make sence ???)

anyway ...we can get our hubbies to talk later as I have told you every thing I know lol lol lol lol(which isnt mcuh lollollol)
Is it very expensive? we have just retiled, carpeted and painted the house and added new elct and whit goods so am prob at the end of the budget for this lot of renos. But love the look of the stencil, so maybe next round of reno;s.

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