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All you people from the western suburbs take note. I propose that we organise to meet up so that we can chat and our kids can play. I am suggesting maybe at mumbo jumbo in melton as ive noticed a few members from melton and bacchus marsh. All will be welcome. please let me know if ur interested. you can pm me or reply here as i will keep checking. i was thinking this because im not really wanting to join a pre-existing playgroup where everyone knows each other and didnt want to feel like an outsider etc. this way we all start fresh, and because we are all huggies mums we know there wont be nasty people wanting to cause trouble.
I'm interested smile] Bump!

yep iam in

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

could people also let me know what days etc they are available and if theyd be interseted in making it a regular thing
just another bump before it disappears to page 2
yet another bump
just me bumping again. got 4 mummies on board so far, love to get more
bump again, sorry but really interested in getting as many mummies on board as possible
bump again.
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