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Hi all, just wanted to let all you parents with persistant bed wetters what finally helped my daughter after 9 years of wetting her bed. We had tried everything from star charts, medication, alarms, psychologists you name it we tried it. Nothing worked until we tried a chriopractor.I was amazed after nine years of wetting the bed every night after just one vist it sloed and after a few it completly stopped. She sees the chiropractor about once every 2 mths now. There was a time we didnt get there for a period of about 8 mths and the bed wetting started again but as soon as I took her back it stopped. Hope this helps to any parent with children who wet the bed as it can be so distressing for the child.

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

Hi there,

thanks for posting this info, my sister has been in the same boat with one of her kids. I will tell her about the Chiropractor option.

I know she has tried all sorts of things to help get through this phase. I do remember her saying she got alot of info from and her doctor was a great support.

Anyway, I suppose it's something we will all go through at some stage. Thanks for posting as well because it helps other mums realise they are not alone. My sister said it is was something that you never had the chance to talk about with other mums. Almost like it was something to be ashamed about instead of something that all kids learn, just some faster than others.

will drop in for a chat again soon.


Hi Roy,
Thanks for replying. Hope the chiro can help you r sisters child. Please let us know how she went if she does try the chiro.

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

hi well when i was lil girl i used to wet the bed my mum tryed everything too and then she took me to a chiropractor and i havent wet the bed since they really do fix it.
wow, it will be interesting to see how many people have tried the chiro option and how often it helps.
Thanks for letting us know, twinkletoes.

Mum, Amber 11yrs and Holly 4mths

i thought someone might want to seeing tho they wont get rid of them them
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