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have you had a c section Lock Rss

i had one nearly 3 months ago and just yesterday at the point were they put the knife in it really hurts and is sending a little tingle all around the kinda hurts.

is the NORMAL?

thanks for your help

Dan is now 9 months grin

sounds like it.
because you are cut horizontally, all your ligaments, and muscles are still fusing together.
2.5yrs on I still get the odd tingle

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OH dam.

Dan is now 9 months grin


I have had 3 c-sections and i still get the odd tingle and it really hurts when i get my period each month but i have notice in the last few weeks it had been very red and now it has come up with little red dots not sure what they are but im off to see the doc on tuesday.

Try and not lift anything heavy.

oh maybe it has somethig to do with having a period coz i have mine atm.

Dan is now 9 months grin

When i had mine, it started tingling around 8 weeks and was a little painful every now and then. I asked my dr and he said it was because the nerves were cut and are now starting to heal. He said it takes a while for them to heal. But remember it was major surgery and is always best to get it checked by a dr. Just remember everyone is different and only a dr can check it.
It was up to 6mths after mine I was still getting a sharp 'pull' where the stitches finished. 2yrs later I still get the occasional discomfort around my scar but for the most part not much after the first 6mths.

im at 4mths had 2 infections and its just healed but gets sore is still red and a bit numb and tingles a bit was told not to lift anything for 6mths
OH really no lifting.. i guess it would be best if i went ot my dr aye! but yea i am having the pains you talkking about. but mine seam to hurt more lol they hurt like a b**ch really sharp and sore, i have 2 sit funny for the pain to be less hurting.

lol sorry about my english haha
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Dan is now 9 months grin

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My scar gets sore every now and then, get weird tingles. But they did say it takes up to two years to heal properly on the inside. Guess it is major surgery LOL, I guess we forget that sometimes with c-sections. smile

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