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Hi Guys,

Just looking for some opinions ! We are going to Fiji next year (first time overseas ! yay !) and i was wondering if anyone has been ? And what your experiences were etc ? Any opinions would be helpful ! Thanks !


Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Hi Sarah,

I went to Fiji 3 years ago, we stayed on the coral coast at the Outrigger resort, we actually got married there. It is possibly the best holiday I've ever been on (i've been around the world)

The people are soooo lovely and I find the native fijian culture fascinating and and beware they have a little thing called "fiji time" - no need to rush lol.

Where abouts are you staying? What month are you going in? Are you going for long?

hey, I was there last month, and it was fantastic. Was my first trip there, DH had been before. As the locals say, it is either hot or hotter. I found I spent most of the time in my bathers! Shopping is great and pretty cheap too. Just make sure u keep up the fluids.

Where abouts are u staying? And when are u going?
Hi, thanks for the reply ! I am not too sure where i want to stay ! I was originally thinking the Radisson Resort in Nadi but have just read that Nadi doesnt have many decent beaches ! And is quite commercialised (sp ?) I want to be somewhere that is relaxing, quiet, but a nice resort but with lots to explore and do (markets etc !) We are thinking of probably going in October but thats not definite either yet. We are only going to stay a week as we are going to leave the kids with my mum for a romantic holiday !

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Hi, Wherabouts did you stay ?

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

We stay at the sofitel which is just up from the Radisson. The beach wasn't a problem coz we spent most of our time by the pool. U can organise day trips our to some nice islands. But if u are going without kids, go to ur local travel agent and get a brochure, there are some nice resorts that are adult only and outta the way.

We are going back in February!
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Any of the resorts along the Coral Coast are really nice and there is lots of stuff to do, heaps of watersports and tours. We did a cave tour and it was awesome, we had abumpy bus trip through thick bush then had to cross the river on a bamboo canoo thingy and went into this amazing old cave. Also did a day cruze to one of the other islands that was nice and included m-tea, lunch and a-tea and snorkeling.

I heard the new Radison is lovely but yeah it is far away from the other main resorts.

We also spent a day shopping in Suva - got loads of stuff!!

One night we caught a cab to another resort (hideaway I think) they had great entertainment and karaoke and the kiddies were included and had a blast.

Another highlight for me was horse riding along the beach and it was sooooo cheap!!

The weather was nice for us when we went and it was October too.

Oh now i cant make up my mind where i wanna stay hehehe ! How far is the Coral Coast from Nadi ? Ive just been looking at the Outrigger Resort website and it looks beautiful. So i might think about going there instead, or........oh i dont know !!!

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07


We went to Fiji in March this year and got married/stayed at the Shangri-La for the first week - its on the Coral coast and it was the best place to stay, very family friendly - free kids club, kids eat free and stay free. The also had heaps of activities and trips that you could take to different beaches/villages etc.

We also went over to Musket Cove which is one the islands over near Malolo island, it was really beautiful and relaxing (this was for our honeymoon) but very quiet and not as many activities.

And we also stayed at the Sofitel on Denaru (sp) Island (which is closer to Nadi) it was gorgeous there too, huge pool. The only thing I found with the Sofitel is that everything is very expensive.

If I were to recommend one place it would be Shangri-La - it was by far the best and also the food there is great!

Well it took about 40 minutes to get to Outrigger from the airport (brochure said 20 lol). It was really nice, we had a bure set apart from the rest of the accommodation - get the bure if you can - it's worth it!

Gosh you will have such a great time no matter where you stay and child free - I envy you!

I can't wait till we go back in 2 years time and we will be going childfree too!!!

Oh yeah I agree the Shangri-la looks VERY nice!! Might stay there next time.

I've heard good things bout Shangri-la too. I wanted to stay there or even the Radisson when we go back in February but DH wouldn't listen, so we are staying at the sofitel again and I agree with Cherry- pie is it is very expensive.
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