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No Need To Reply... Rss

I just need to get this out.

I am physically and emotionally exhausted. I just wish I could have a break.

I wanna cry and I can't, I just feel snowed under by all that there is to do and there is no end in sight.

Some of you know my personal situation, but I don't like to post about it anymore. I guess I feel like there is only one me and I am always giving out all there is to give.

I know that this probably doesn't make much sense, I just feel like crap.

Babble over, continue on your way, there's nothing to see here.
oh my scummy sister, I know how you feel and just wanted to give you a great big fat hug and slopey kisses!

Aw hun! Now I wanna get on a plane and come and help you.

Are you ok??

You can PM me if you want.

Are all the kidlets in bed? If so, go and have a soak in the bath, with a glass of wine or whatever, and just RELAX. Try not to think about tomorrow, or the housework, or even the kids, for about 20 minutes.

God knows you've deserved it!

Love ya,

Thanks scummy scumster, you made me smile, lol.
Thanks Tracey, MWAH.
anytime darl

Would you like to share my Red Bull Mary?????????
*hugs* Its hard when things start to get on top of you. When my dh was away for 20 weeks, some days were so hard! I hope you start to feel better soon. xoxo
Mary !!! you OK hun ??

you are dong such a great job under teh circumstances and I truely admire do what I could never in a million years do and you do it so well !!

You are such a strong ,sensible and articulate woman why I am suprised to know what your capable of is beyond me !! you just seem to take it all in your stride ...I guess now I know you could do with some help from time to time !!! if you ever need a cry mate me any time OK !!

you are doing a wonderful job !!! your a hero !!!
do you need any shopping done this week ??

big hug !!!!!
I would love some red bull Justy, lol.

Thanks Mars and Frances.

You are such a sweetie Frances. I didn't take my car in yet, I am going to wait until the first week of the school holidays, I just need it too much.
big hugs to you!

im not sure if something in particular has happened but i hope all is ok!!!

either way, chin up, your a legend!
[Edited on 21/11/2007]
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