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Frances no way the mother should have said something to stop her child from doing that- yeah 1st time ok hehe bit funny but continouesly doing and his mother not telling him to stop is teaching him that what he was doing is ok.

dont stress you were in the right! must admitt had a little bit of a chuckle at your post
If a parent wont discipline their own kids, then i think you have every right to discipline them when it concerns your kids.
must admitt had a little bit of a chuckle at your post

which part did you find amusing Jen !!!smile]

Not at all mate. The mother should have stopped her child from doing it. Its our roles as mothers to protect our children and even though their maybe nothing to it you just can never tell.

You did the right thing and did not over react.

Big hugs...

anyway he was constantly pulling Lukes pants down and looking at his willy ....first time was kinda like "righto now we have all seen it we can put it away" and I was smiling but a bit nervous .....this little boy just kept on doing it adn then he started touching his willy ..

Luke wasnt concerned at all with everybody looking at his doodle

i love the way you word things
lmao ...waht do you call it !!
lol lol lol
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