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Soo cute Rss

Kayla is laying in her bouncer poking her tounge out at me (she found it about a week ago) hands are in her mouth and shes having a conversation with the dog and the TV. im trying to watch Dr Phil but i have a headach and don't want the tv up to loud as it irritates me LOL

Sounds very cute!!! Your little girl is gorgeous smile

I think your sig might be a tad on the large side though,lol. Oh- now it is gone sad

Hope your headache goes away soon too!!!

[Edited on 23/11/2007]
[Edited on 23/11/2007]

When the post came up and my sig was there i was like OMG i have this program picasa 2 and ill cut it down then try again. I really like your sig though but iam not a computer whiz when it comes to that kind of thing.
Thanks i love that first photo you have.

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