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this is the thread that never ends !! Lock Rss

Frances I sit Moo on the potty and no matter how long she sits for whether it be 2 mins or 20mins as soon as she gets off she wees next to the potty grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
he he I jsut killed my own thread !! !lol lol lol how funny !!! only I could mannage that !!!!

I jsut wish he would do it withouta nappy on is like the potty is going to suck him up or something isnt a very sophisticated potty so maybe he si a child with taste .....maybe he needs sometign a bit more swisho than the $8 bunnings number !! lol lol lol lol

I would be horrified if Luke spoke to me like that !! he says to me now " daddy do it ".....righto ,he wont be home till 7 and it is now 11am going to have dirty pants till then ????? I go to put him in the bath adn he looks at me with his massive brown eyes and says " daddy do it " lol lol so cute but really annoying !!! might have to beat it out of him !!! lol lol lol
hey mim you doin ????

I was thinking about you the other day your family back yet ????
Isabelle thinks her potty is a shoe or something! she always gets it out of the bathroom, stands in it with one foot and shuffles along!
The other night I told her it was for wees and poos so she stood next to it and weed on herself!
I am soooo sick of nappies!
5 more months and I'll be up to my eyeballs in them again sad
oh yeah ...I saw your having number 2 you feeling ????
It's all bloody happening!
I want Isabelle to be out of the cot way before her bro is due but of course, xmas is a month away, and at childcare she'll be due to go into the toddler room soon and I just worry that it's all going to stress her out a bit.
Oh well.. We'll muddle our way thru it.
I'm not even contemplating toilet training until she's about 2 1/2!
Besides, she thinks the damn potty is a shoe!
I bought DD a potty just to see if she was interested or not, she would put hers on her head (Unused) or use it as a shoe.

She loves to walk around the house with either my or DH shoe on her foot backwards. She has also been trying to put her shoes on as well.

Posted by: luke'smum
hey mim you doin ????

I was thinking about you the other day your family back yet ????

Im ALOT better now thanks Frances!

Sorry I had to run-the kids woke up and had to feed them etc.

My dad and brother got in this morning and mum and sister are staying with my grandmother for a little while-I think the hardest time for her is once everybody leaves.

Thanks for thinking of me!thats so sweet of you!
Hey... geuss who I was chatting to this morning???

Bec-misvtec-I havent spoken to her in sooooooooo long!!
she only has 4 weeks to go!
They say bubs is a big boy so she may get induced a little earlier.
Shes in alot of pain though because hes right in her ribs-hope she comes back on here soon!

I've got an itchy bum.
hiya all!

just thought id stick my head in and boast chops has done 3 poops (when he bout 12 months) and a few wee's on the potty, and grabs his nappy when he is doing a wee.

But he is only 14months, am pretty sure he too young to grasp the concept of it, so i think it was just good timing.


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