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  5. this is the thread that never ends !!

this is the thread that never ends !! Lock Rss

so... i was thinking about piercing cohens eyebrow today and getting him a tattoo saying "MUM FOREVER"
Hahaha, Denae, didnt we do this already when you started a thread saying you were going to get bith of cohens ears pierced??? LOL and i told you to get him circumcised while you were there!! HAHAHAHAHA
you just have to get him a tongue ring as well!!! oh and a chin ring too

Posted by: Stephanea
Haha Denae - get him one of those old lame lovehearts with a banner around it saying "Mum Forever" and get him a mini harley. And glue a long grey beard onto him and shave his head. GANGSTA tongue

dont forget the bandana and a ciggy hanging out of his mouth!!! lmao!!!

Oh oh, and a white bonds singlet with grease stains, teamed with a pair of blue stubbies and some pluggas! Claaassssy!

I will teach him how to blow smoke rings lol lol lol
poor cohen!!!!
what are we turning him into- as you can see-really bored right now!!!!

Hey katey- you have a gorgeous little girl!!!!!

Thanks! I think she's pretty special........

he he he Cohen is way to cute for all this stuff ...I imagine him with a surfboard and ripled abs adn woman falling all over him !!!
I have just booked my DD's in for pole dancing lessons...

opps better run and vote the men has spoken.... grrrhhhh

have fun girls

I jsut stood in teh line at our local high school for about an hour waiting to vote..thought we would get down there early to avoid the crowds ....I think 50 million others had the same idea !!
PMSL you girls are so funny!!! i can picture it now... quite scary haha

he'll fit right in with my family
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