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OMG What next??? Lock Rss

Ok so yesterday I had Centerlink stressing me out.

Today we get a phone call from an AAMI insurance saying that one of their client has told them that DH is supposed to have been involved in an accident with them.

This isn't the first time this has happened either. A couple of months ago I got a call from a Policeman wanting to talk to DH about a traffic incident that morning. DH rides a motorbike and was supposed to have been involved in an 'incident' that morning on a road he often takes to work. The only problem was, he took a different road to get to work that morning. He talked to the cop and basically said I am at work, I wasn't on that road this morning and by all means you are welcome to come here and check the bike for accident damage. Apparently the person who he was supposed to have hit had given the cops DH's rego number and the colour of his bike. Well obviously the cops believed him because the never bothered to come and check the bike. But now we have the insurance company ringing up with the same incident that he never had grrrrrrrrrrr
Well the fact the cops never checked his bike for damage would surely go against them.......

I assume the insurance company is ringing you as the other party are making a claim.......

How long ago was this acident?
Tell them that, and also the insurance company have thier own inspectors so they will determine if he was in the accident or not.

while on holidays in Sydney we had a tilt tray rip our azz end of DF's car he swerved into our lane he is now not taking blame for the accident so the insurance company is looking into it!

Goodluck darl!

owww that bites. Can you contact the police and ask for the report that was written in response to the call they made to him at the time? Perhaps then give that to the insurance company as for the police to be involved it must have been a fair bit of damage to the other vehicle, and you would think that if the police thought it was your DH they would have followed up a bit better.

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do you know who you dealt with from the police department? if not it should be on record id go and speak to the police and if they remember or whatever get them to write a letter to the insurance company. Dont worry my dad got robbed his whole house was cleaned out and insurance didnt believe him!!!! 2 years later we have only just got everything and his still having trouble with them! not sure he is with though but i know as soon as he gets his stuff his giving them the flick

Are you in NSW? I have just learnt all their rules and i tell ya they are up! Let me know darl!
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Nah Nooey I'm in VIC and I'm not sure what the deal is here. DH basically told the guy from AAMI that he had already been spoken to by the cops and told him the name of the police station but doesn't remember the name of the officer her dealt with. The insurance guy was trying to get DH to call HIS insurance company and talk to them and DH was like "No I don't have to do that, it wasn't me and I have done nothing wrong." so the guys is going to talk to their client and try to get more info like jacket and helmet colour and stuff. The problem is they have reported it saying he had a blue bike which DH does. Well DUH the most common colours for Bikes are blue red black and kawasaki green.
That is insane, I could say a silver car hit me and give a rego but that is not to say it was THAT silver car grrrr, the other thing is that a lot of riders have gear colour to match the bike - unless you get a new bike cause you cant afford to upgrade both the bike and gear at the same time lol... or is that just me?

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I'm not actually worried about it cause it wasn't DH and he has done nothing wrong and there is absolutely no way that they can prove it was him cause it wasn't. Not to mention that it would be physically impossible for him to have fallen off the bike onto the car, picked the bike up, jumped off and ridden off. We are talking 24 kilo worth of bike here. He can lift it but it's a struggle ROFL

It's just bloody annoying. We thought that when the cops never showed up to look over the bike after asking if they could it was all over and we'd never hear about it again cause it was at least 2 months ago
a lot of riders have gear colour to match the bike - unless you get a new bike cause you cant afford to upgrade both the bike and gear at the same time lol... or is that just me?

Nope not just you and DH's gear does match his bike although he upgraded his bike. He got a blue jacket when he got his licence but was on a black and red bike. Then it just happened that the blue model of the bike he wanted (Honda VFR800 btw very sexy bike hehe) so his jacket matched then he needed to get a new helmet and gloves so got blue to match the rest. Oh well all we can do is wait and see I guess but it is pretty fcuked up that the person reporting it screws up and we are the ones being hounded Grrrrrrrrr

Do you ride a bike L'Bad?
oh you poor thing!!
tell them they can check out the bike or the data base that no repairs have been done to DH's bike.
I also think that there would be a report at the coppers, they would have to have some sort of verification that they spoke to them.
No proof, tough. Obviously there isn't any proof either.
I am wondering if they got a digit wrong on the number plate?

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Yeah that's my guess Naomi, it just sh!ts me that DH is being hassled cause some twit didn't write the rego down right.
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