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Hi, does anyone have a MySpace page??

yep i do.


sorry can i just say plz be careful giving out that info!!
Why not send it via PM!! Just to be safe:)]

thanks tarryn thats y m profiles private smile and i always cover myself no one can steal pics of Kayla only me grin hers are on a slide show altho im redoing it now

ah its all good any one can view it anyway so its all goo no personal info on there... no scary pics or anything either:)

yep. my pictures are private too. theres some werid people out there.
mine is:

Thanks guys, I'm in desperate need of friends ha ha! I'm a little more into Facebook, but my friend keeps hassling me about my lack of activity on myspace so I thought this would be a good way to collect friends.

Mine is all set to private as well but I haven't put any pics on yet.

thats mine but its completely private you have to add me to view my actual page smile
Hey everyone just letting you know I sent you all invitations to add you.

Yeh cool, Hey M.A.C wats ur myspace?

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