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I love hearing these stories and surely there was once some "romantic" in our men.. So lets hear em...

Mine was:

My hubby said we were going out to lunch for his birthday with his family. When we got there, he rang them (well pretended to) as they were not there and then advised me that they were running late. He suggested we have some wine while we waited. After a while of nice chit chat and wine, he stood up and said, "Im not going to wait anymore" I thought he was going to call his brother again to hurry him up, but he pulled out the ring and dropped to his knee and said all of this beautiful stuff that I had to ask him to repeat because I was blubbering when he said it and then asked me to be his wife! Of course I said yes.. But the lunch with family was a lie, he had actually booked the entire balcony of the Clear Mountain Restaurant so we could be alone overlooking the magnificant view... Ahhhh, the good old days...

Oh and I forgot to mention, when I rang my parents to tell them, my mother said - oh finally, I was sick of keeping the secret. He had asked my father's permission.. Bless him...

Now share away!!!!
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i actually just posted this in the other romance thread but ive cut and pasted it.

my DH proposed to me in the most romantic way ever. it was like a dream come true.

he hired a Z4 BMW, picked me up in it, took me to the Versace hotel on the gold coast, had the bed covered in rose petals and a bubble bath ready when we got in, with chilled champagne, then that night we were having a drink out by the pool and the consierge came out with a silver platter and the ring on it for me, he got down on one knee and everything.
Now that would have been nice!!
my dh proposed on christmas day 2001.

We had a huge family gathering for lunch and even dh parents where there, we had judt finish and dh sat down next to me and pulls out this little box and whispers. "babe will you marry me?. to which i burst into tears while saying yes.

i''''m baking a baby

went to melbourne for a weekend getaway, after a day of shopping and losing money at the casino (lol) we went to the river (yarra its called isnt it?) across from the casino we sat down and cuddled smile we were just talking and he was saying all these nice things like how he never thought he would meet someone like me and how i was perfect etc etc and then all of a sudden he turns around and asked me to marry him.... amongst more soppy words lol... i was so suprised but it was beautiful...

Dakota 7 month old lil princess

Well my fiance propsed to me this year on my birthday. He told me he was taking me somewhere special for my birthday. He took me on a flight in a light aircraft. It was really beautiful, we flew out over the glasshouse mountains and then over the beach at caloundra on the sunshine coast. Anyway you get to wear these special headphones with microphones so you can talk and hear each other. He was taking photo's out the window and handed the camera case to me and asked if I could get the other memory card out. So I opened it up and the ring was in there!! Then he looked at me and said 'you'll marry me won't you?' hehe was a lovely moment.

yeah he was a bit of a romeo that weekend but ever since then, nothing.

he says "well ive got you now so i dont need to impress you will all that romance crap"

oh yous have made me cry!!

well ill tell you mine

we went to go fishing, got to our spot and i was about to get out the car and he goes wait a sec, handed me the ring and says well do you want to be stuck with me forever. so romantic lol, i couldnt wear the ring as we were going fishing, i rang my firend and mum straight away hehe. i knew he had the ring just wasnt sure when he was going to ask, as he has no licence i had to drive him to pick it up lol. i thought he was going to make me wait. but nope we pick it up on the way to fishing.
hehe- my story not so romantic even though my DH can be quite romantic!!!

My DH and I were sitting and talking and he just said- "We should get married one day soon. What do you think?" I said "Yes"

We got married 6 weeks later- after getting special dispensation from the Bishop so we could marry in the catholic church without giving 6 months notice,lol.

Mine was supposed to be romantic but I wrecked it - apparently! We were going on holiday to the greek islands and I was feeling a bit down, as I was getting a bit long in the tooth and had thought the relationship wasn't going anywhere, and I wanted to be with someone who wanted kids and marriage without faffing about for years to find out that yet another long term relationship wasn't going to head in that direction... so I said as much, then he turned round and said - "but I was going to propose to you on holiday". He never, in the end asked the question outright but we got married soon after coming over to Oz. I would never have come here with him if a marriage wasn't on the cards LOL!
As a 21st birthday present, my then boyfriend bought us 2 flights for a day trip to Sydney, so 4 days after my 21st, we take our trip.
We left Melbourne at 5:40am. We got off the plane, at 7 am, and got in a taxi, and dropped off under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
We walked around to Circular Quay, and had some breakfast at a little restaurant there, and while we are eating some of the sloppiest pancakes ever, overlooking the harbour views, and he pops out a ring, and asks me there and then.

He had had the ring made, his Aunt is an International Jeweller, so the ring is a one of a kind so he had been planning it for ages. I said yes, we did the big smoochy, and then hoped on a ferry and sailed around the harbour for an hour...

We spent the rest of the day walking around the rocks, and we went on the monorail, and to the Aquarium, and before we got our flight home, we had a gorgeous meal at a restaurant in the International Terminal, it was one of the nicest meals I had ever eaten, and we flew back to Melbourne, drove back to his house and his mum was waiting for us to see if I had said yes - she knew too!

We had known each other for 6 weeks at that point, and had been long distance dating for those 6 weeks.

We continued long distance dating, as I was at Uni in Bendigo, and he lived in Melb, but the day Uni finished, I moved to Melbourne, and haven't looked back.

When we got married, My DH's aunt made the wedding ring, and it inter-twines with the engagement ring, my very own one of a kind ring

Coming up to 11 years, and 3, Trying for 4 kids later, we are very happy
My DH was so unromantic lol. We had been Christmas shopping ealrier that day and he knew that I had bought him a pressie but wouldnt tell him what it was. Later that night lying in bed that night he was still bugging me to tell him then he said "Will you marry me?" and I laughed and said "thats not going to work" then he said no "Really will you marry me?". I found out that he was going to ask me the weekend before but as plans changed with my family who were staying with us he never got to do it.

Forgot to add that yes he did get lucky that night but no he didnt find out what his pressie was.
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my story sounds pretty corny but I still turn to mush when I think of it....

We were on holiday in Europe and decided to go to Paris, so while we were in the eifel tower he proposed, I couldn't believe it, I didn't think he'd ever do it like that lol.
I might add, it wasn't right at the top because there were too many people crowded around so he kept insisting we go down to the next level (which I was getting pretty anoyed at lol).

Anyway thats my cliche proposal!

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