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ok guys
my sons t shirt and shorts are in a fishy situation.
last week he got into our fish oil capsules and bit into one..spraying fish oil on his shirt and shorts.
I have soaked them in napisan ...but the oil is still there. He is wearing the shirt today and reeks of fish.

Any helpful hints on removing this is much appreciated.

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

Ewwwww no idea I hate fish smell though. Me personally I would chuck it out lmao. Maybe some eucylptus oil??
try washing it in pinoclean ....that works for hubbys stuff when he is fishing ...eeewwww yuko!!!
this is where we need TP she is a stain extrodonaire(SP)

thanks guys
I won't throw them they are new and not cheap brands. Was thinking of using other oil! or maybe soaking in preen or something. maybe I should get him to roll in mud and dirt. LOL...oh well

Elisabeth, 2yr old son and bubs due 17th june

try scrubbing it with dishwashing liquid?

you all think im nuts lol but really it gets oily stuff off your dishes and your sponge/coth is never oily- makes sense yeah ?

i just use normal soap powder and heaps of fabric softener. we go fishing alot and this seem to work well. and plenty of air. even wash them twice
I use talcum powder on oil marks.
I always to this with oil stains.
make sure that the shorts are not wet, get a bar of soap and run it quickly under warm water. then rub the soap over the stain so that you get a layer of soap. Run you finger nails across the area which helps the soap penetrate into the fibers of the material. Wet the area a little and then give that area a quick hand wash. Then you can put them into the washing machine with all the other clothes. It should also help get rid of the smell

My dh works in the fisheries... so spare a thought for those of us that have to wash fishy clothes every day!!
What i usually do is if there are any oil marks.. i do as jmans mum does and scrub the area with a cake of soap- preferably a good smelling one.. then give the shirt a quick hand wash. Soak the shirt overnight in either nappysan or i use just the cheap home brand soaker from woolworths (safeway) as it works just as well. Then in the morning wash as normal adding half a cup of disinfectant in the water. Then hang in the shade to dry as the heat can agrivate the smell again!

Good luck!
Ok first thing the oil use shampoo rub it into the stained area then wash as normal this should remove the oil and then if they still have a fishy smell soak in white vinegar and water about a cup of vinegar to a bucket of water. Then wash as normal.
Cheers Ness
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