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Dropping off and picking up kids from school! Lock Rss

Drives me insane!!!!!! Surely after all these years of schooling, the schools could organise a better way for parents to pick up and drop off kids. It is literally a $hit fight to try and get a park or even get in and out. And then there are the parents who hold everyone up by trying to reverse park into the car park. In and out and in and out!!!!! Can you tell I have just dropped my kids off???? hehe
lmao, I hear exactly what you're saying!

I thnik it must be an unwritten law that to open a school they must first make sure there is no where near enough car parks, then they insist on having a no - standing zone all the way around the school, it'd be funny if it wasn't so frustrating!

this year I'm lucky the school my DD is at has plenty of parks. Sorry for bragging lol

I'm lucky in the morning with DD going to school she gets a lift form the lady next door most days or she will ride her bike and then on the way home dad picks her up or she will ride her bike...

No school runs for me...
I don't have school runs yet, but the school DS will be going to has a drop off area inside the school. My frustration is 1 of the schools around here is on a main road and it is bad enough getting past that school in the mornings, but u also have to deal with parents who just pull out rite in front of u without even stopping to look.
Yes I know what you mean. The problem at our school isn't so much dropping them off, because a lot of the parents just drop them off and go. The problem is picking them up, because most park and stay in the car, or they go in and get the kids in the school yard.

Also our school insists on reverse parking. Often you can't get a park at the school, so I tend to park in the car park at the oval next to the school. They say the reverse parking is safer, I am not sure how it is safer. I for one am a crap reverse parker, so it's hard for me to do it, also a lot of the parents who can't reverse park (lol, me too) end up taking up more than one car space, so if it is busy I can't get a park lol, because I hate reverse parking ROFL. So I just find a park in the oval car park, which isn't reverse parking lol.
I was talking to someone not long ago and her childs school actually use Buses to transport all the children (that get picked up) to a local sports grounds with big carpark area away from the school. Therefore no hassles of parking your car and kids running across the road and no busy school areas...

I think this is done in the US as well....

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

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