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broadband... am I getting ripped? Lock Rss

I just got an email saying my account has reached 6gb ( think its slowed after 12). My new month only just started on the 17th!! Am I getting ripped? Im on the comp alot, use huggies, facebook etc but we havent downloaded anything. I know ppl that can download a few movies and shows and still not get slowed! SO ANNOYING!
Every page you open on the net is part of the down load, so maybe refreshing huggies 100 times a day sucks it all up!!

How time flies!!

we have peak and off peak so after 12pm i get alot faster broadband what company u with
Im with bigpond...

I figured using huggies would use up a bit of my gb's but not this much!!
maybe give them a call and c what option is best for u i pay 39.95 per month with peak and off peak usage i am with primus i think we get 12g as well
[Edited on 28/11/2007]
The plan we're on gives us 12,000mb a month and we never reach the limit. That's using the net every day. To me it sounds wrong. 6gb is alot of usage.
We are paying $69.95 a month which is why im really annoyed!

mum2kaitlyn: im glad it sounds wrong to you cos its been annoying me for ages but I thought maybe I was just missing something. But we dont download any movies or anything!!
Hey stace im on exact same plan as you and i flat out use net all the time download songs i have never reached the limit im currently up to 33% so no where near half way id give them a call and ask whats goin on
Can you go and check what youve used online?

Im not sure how long this info takes to update but if its imediately maybe check out your starting amount and after being on Hugs check it again.....
Do you think it could be because I dont live in the city? Im only a cpl of hrs away though ....
I'd ring them. I use facebook alot and get emails almost everyday from friends that are windows media files etc, I then pass these on to other friends. This all adds to our download usage, but have still never reached the limit.
Nar no way i live in a small country town and havent had a problem yet forgot to add i also watch youtube and open bout 50 emails a day
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